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My idea of phantoms hunting in 1.18!

2022.01.16 18:12 Fleur_3625 My idea of phantoms hunting in 1.18!

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2022.01.16 18:12 DED_D3M0N A few shiny bits I’ve collected

I collect small to medium things I happen to find that have potential for an art piece or part of an outfit. Pendants, rings, necklaces, pieces of earrings without the pointy bit (which i have a lot of, by the way). They’re not completely steampunk on their own, and I haven’t happened to find anything with gears, but if a steampunky outfit ever needs some more subtle flair without being too gear-heavy, I’d opt for things like these :)
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2022.01.16 18:12 Chemkryte I made an auto-lockpick out of an electric toothbrush (funny)

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2022.01.16 18:12 BigDan_0 soon

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2022.01.16 18:12 GaufreBleu7 After over a year and a half of planning, my fakemon dex for my Australia-based region Alumuno is complete. Feel free to give any constructive criticism or thoughts. I'm pretty happy with it.

After over a year and a half of planning, my fakemon dex for my Australia-based region Alumuno is complete. Feel free to give any constructive criticism or thoughts. I'm pretty happy with it. submitted by GaufreBleu7 to fakemon [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 18:12 CheatTheBan Figured I should share more of my weird sandwich creations..... (Ingredients below)

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2022.01.16 18:12 uhohimdead Genisect raid on me add 0657 3325 9707

add #0657 3325 9707
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2022.01.16 18:12 -brand0 EST add me CrispyBandz-_- i play plenty of games like gta, minecraft, cod, dead island, 2k and i can buy some if they look good. I have a mic and i don’t discriminate gender/age dont matter.

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2022.01.16 18:12 ukambe INSANE REK'SAI REWORK LEAKED!!1!!11

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2022.01.16 18:12 TnTFilledCake How can I improve this drawing?

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2022.01.16 18:12 douglasdrraymond Thoughts on making a Nuzlocke work in Legends: Arceus

With the very near release of Legends: Arceus, I wanted to bring up some thoughts I have regarding making a Nuzlocke work for the game. I'd love to have input from others as well to build on or refute ideas I present.
As many of us have experienced with SwSh and even Pinwheel Forest, sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly when you get a catch for an area. With PLA, we know there are somewhat expansive areas that we gain access to as we increase in rank in the Survey Corps. With there appearing to be 10 ranks in the Survey Corps, does that correspond to a total of 10 areas to access for missions? As far as I know we aren't exactly sure on this number yet, but I wouldn't imagine it's much more or less than that. So. Does that mean we get around 10 total catches for the whole game? That sure seems like a low number. If not one for each overarching area, then what? I'm thinking we have to break it down like the Wild Area in SwSh. From the 13 minute gameplay trailer, we got a look at the map of Obsidian Fieldlands. Now there are two ways to approach this breakdown of the area based on the map. The first option could be to break it down by titled areas, such as Aspiration Hill or Nature's Pantry. These areas of the map have specific names, potentially giving them reason to have a unique catching opportunity. My only qualm here is it seems like there may be a lot of named areas like this, maybe making for too many catching opportunities. The second option could be to count the areas on the map that are within their own dotted margins as unique areas for encounters. Currently, I'm not sure what those different outlines really mean, but it could be a slight variation in available Pokemon. Or not. But these two ways seem the best to me for breaking up catches in a huge area like Obsidian Fieldlands.
Random Catches or Player Choice:
There were different choices made by people on how to handle the encounters in SwSh on whether or not to catch the first overworld Pokemon they saw in an area or to enter the grass and take the first encounter that pops up in battle. Personally, I flipped a coin, heads was an overworld encounter, tails was a grass encounter. Well now we have to make a similar choice in PLA. This may not apply on our first foray into the game, but at some point, what if we all just know where certain Pokemon are more likely to appear on the map? Imagine if going directly forward after entering Obsidian Fieldlands just always brings up a cluster of Bidoof, no matter what. Well, does everyone want their first encounter to always be Bidoof? Or, what if you really want a Shinx, and you know exactly where they tend to spawn, so you avoid everything else and head straight to that area for your first catch? This feels like a very real potentiality, and it would kill the spirit of the Nuzlocke experience. My only suggestion is to pull a similar "random" outside game decision that forces you one way or another. But that could become tedious very quick. This is all predicated on spawning being predictable in the first place of course, and it may just not work that way. I'd love to hear other thoughts on this.
What catches count:
This is clearly up for debate, but with this game having a heavy focus on catching lots of Pokemon and being able to catch many without much effort, what catches should count for your team? What I mean by this is, should it be so simple that your first encounter for an area can always be caught from a sneaky position without any real challenge? Maybe. Maybe it can just be that simple. But what if instead your first catch for an area always has to be battled first? From the gameplay trailer it seems like you can throw one of your Pokemon out at another to initiate a battle at any point, so I don't see why this shouldn't be the norm if you're Nuzlocking the game. It makes the catch more personal if you take the time to engage the Pokemon, and it also offers up a chance for your own Pokemon to actually be at risk of fainting. If we never battle what we catch, then the risk of losing a Pokemon diminishes at least a little.
My next area of concern is catching Pokemon for missions. What if you're first visit to an area has a requisite Pokemon you have to catch first before moving on? It's another instance where being forced to have a specific encounter could dull the whole experience. So, if this ends up happening, I propose that that first catch doesn't count towards your encounter. A simple solution, but it feels important to bring up. This poses another question though. This game clearly requires A LOT of catching. What do we do with all the catches we need to progress the game? I'd suggest we simply release everything after a mission ends besides whatever our first catch or catches were. Because otherwise we will have an overflowing pasture of Pokemon, and it would be easy to forget what the actual valid catches are if you come and go from the game. Once again, a rather simple solution, but it feels good to mention it.
Player Blacking Out:
My last point to bring up is what to do regarding our player blacking out. I previously made a poll about whether people thought our player blacking out should be counted like a total loss from the game, or whether we need to play to see how fair it is for that mechanic to be added to the Nuzlocke rules for the game. Well, after some thinking, I propose a new take on the situation. I think us blacking out from being attacked by Pokemon should absolutely have an outcome on our game. However, I think it needs to be modified somewhat. My current thinking is that if our player blacks out a certain number of times per area, THEN it counts as a full loss and a restart is required, as if our whole team had blacked out. After all, we get six Pokemon in our party, so it takes a big battle to actually cause a loss of all members, leading to a restart. So if only one instance of ourselves being knocked out caused that, well, it just seems a little too harsh. If you set that number to 3 self knockouts per area though, well that doesn't seem too unreasonable. We need time to adapt to the system and learn how Pokemon attack us and how easy it is to be knocked out. This number could easily be adjusted once we all actually start playing the game of course.
Well, I think it's fair to say I've been thinking about PLA a lot. I'm honestly looking forward to it and how it could work for a game to Nuzlocke. Please tell me your thoughts or suggestions on some of my proposed ideas. Also please correct any misconceptions I have about the game or any info I missed that should have been factored in. Happy Nuzlocking!
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2022.01.16 18:12 WanderingZed they are getting smarter...

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2022.01.16 18:12 Disastrous_Course_96 WEC 😄

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2022.01.16 18:12 IsaaVc Where to buy specific airbrush paint

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2022.01.16 18:12 Th3JC 24F Anyone want to [chat], just very bored

Sup y’all, just feeling super bored this weekend. Just got out of a relationship recently. Just need someone to talk to who can keep me company. Who knows, we can be best friends if we click!
DMs are open :)
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2022.01.16 18:12 TranquiliusMaximus Been playing for two years & I'm just now realizing why it's called Horseshoe Overlook

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2022.01.16 18:12 87irocz28_69 [WTS] Dye DM12 [black/silver] OR Dye NT10 [grey/red]. 275$ nt10 and 295$ dm12

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2022.01.16 18:12 jenwhyfer Early withdrawal bleed?

I’ve been on Blisovi Fe 1.5/30 for several years now and haven’t had any issues. I’m on my last week of active pills and my withdrawal bleed has come five days before I start my placebo.
I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in November 2021, and have been dieting and steadily losing weight. I’ve cut out a lot of sugar and carbs. I had an irregular withdrawal bleed that month, which I assumed was related to the diet and exercise changes. Last month’s came as expected on the placebo week. Fast forward this month, I’m down almost 22lbs as of this morning and after a couple days of light spotting, I have started bleeding and cramping. It doesn’t seem to be rapid or worrisome in any way, but is this normal with lifestyle changes? It just seems odd since I’ve never had irregularity issues with it before, but the timing and health factors line up.
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2022.01.16 18:12 newsfeedmedia1 Bindi Irwin’s daughter Grace, nine months, is surrounded by kangaroos at Australia Zoo

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2022.01.16 18:12 JoshuaRAWR Any news/updates on the upcoming specialization revamp?

Or even the next intelligence annex?
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2022.01.16 18:12 liltigerbeach Resources/Ideas to review basic programming concepts?

What are some projects to review basic concepts of python? I used to know python at a good level however I moved to JS and want to get back into python. What are some small projects/code to review basic python concepts like loops, basic algorithms, data structures?
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2022.01.16 18:12 AleisterTheMagician Dope

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2022.01.16 18:12 TwoDogKnight Twitter bans account linked to Iran’s supreme leader over Trump assassination threat

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2022.01.16 18:12 Theereverand 2005 GX running 255/75/17 Firestone Destination MT

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2022.01.16 18:12 MetropolisCourier Heroes don’t always wear capes

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