Guitar question

2022.01.16 18:48 AnticKD Guitar question

So I just saw that RB4 is on sale in the PlayStation store and the only guitars I have are a wired Xbox 360 one and a Wii one with a raider net cable is there a way to hook these up to my PS5?
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2022.01.16 18:48 TrustYourPath 2022 reading

Hello! I just did a general guidance reading for the year 2022 and received 44 heaven above wind. Encountemeeting together. Can anyone share their interpretation of this hexagram for me? Thank you!
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2022.01.16 18:48 jessica_andrews66 Easy Keto Nachos 🔥

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2022.01.16 18:48 Hapepo69 😐

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2022.01.16 18:48 JonnygonePostal Gotta love this 🚀

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2022.01.16 18:48 SqueakSquawk4 Flag of migration. (Symbolism in comments)

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2022.01.16 18:48 jameswlf is it true that wayland is bad for wine gaming?

that it breaks wine too much... so i suppose x is better.
is it true? why is that anyway?
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2022.01.16 18:48 bloodshed113094 Kanna doing a 180 [Kobayashi's Maid Dragon]

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2022.01.16 18:48 NoSignificance5417 I think shifts rant has caused unnecessary hate towards these players . We know they should stream but if they don’t want to forget them.

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2022.01.16 18:48 2600_yay First-hand account of mortgage fraud leading up to the 2008 crash

I was watching Youtube videos the other day on a channel called "Soft White Underbelly" - warning: a bunch of them are really heavy topics (abuse, addiction, etc.) so be forewarned - but this one guy's video, Con Man interview-Matthew Cox, was one of the only videos that didn't touch upon those dark topics.
Instead, this guy was a con man: forging mortgage applications, buying up dozens of houses in a particular market and then selling them for many thousand over asking which artifically boosted the comp[arable]s (Cough. Zillow in 2021. Cough cough.), taking out mortgages and walking off with the cash, etc.
To me it was a really interesting look into how mortgage fraud worked at an individual level in the 2000s and how so many people had to 'look the other way' to let such massive fraud occur on so many levels. As we all know, the mortgage fraud and NINJA (no income, no job, no assets) loans of the early and mid-2000s were part of the whole mortgage-backed-securities mess, the collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and the 'Jenga tower' of inaccurately rated debt that imploded in 2008 as the lower-rated tranches of debt started to default.
If you've seen "The Big Short" this Matthew Cox guy's tale of mortgage fraud in Florida in the early and mid-2000s builds upon what that movie illustrated when the FrontPoint guys undertake their 'field trip' to the upside-down world of real estate in Florida in the early 2000s
Here's the video in case folks are interested:
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2022.01.16 18:48 shino_aburame1 Looking for long-term [friendship] [relationship] maybe?

Heyy there, m 24 here and in recent times I have been a bit lonely and I am ready to spend my time with you if things go fine. Always there to listen to you and talk random stuff. DM's open!!!
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2022.01.16 18:48 NoBodyCares2000 Reminder Kody Brown is bald

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2022.01.16 18:48 anoctoberdaybreak Jimmy Snow generalizes people who unsubbed from him, young people and the left (FINAL quote from his NYE livestream)

"I imagine most people watching are in thier 20s and 30s, there might be some people older and younger... I do think I lost a lot of my "younger crowd" this last year annnnnnd I'm not that worried about it, the people who didn't leave who are in that younger crowd I think are better and smarter than their peers.
I don't know if you all like keep track of trends and what's happening on TikTok and the way kids our treating eachother in real life. Fucking christ! Anybody who is here who is under like 18, I'm so sorry, my childhood sucked and yet yours is like statistically more likely worse, holy shit! Just fucking... just imagine you had all the bad things you see with a Twitter mob and then just imagine you had to see them in school everyday cause your local Twitter mob hangs out...
Hey did the '"let's go brandon guy" leave? (Conservative YouTube commenter) you still here? (Jimmy reads out comment) 'Everyone is 23 in their head'
Dude, I feel as old as I am... I feel older than I am! I really do but that's just cause my body's falling apart but has been since I was a kid. Hey (conservative YouTube commenter)s still here! Hey, you know what? I think I like you more than most people now and and we're politically totally opposed! Don't tell me any more of your beliefs! I'm just kidding.
There is something funny with... when it comes down to like... I've noticed if we never talk about politics, I am usually more able to... like I'm trying to figure out how to word it...
So just imagine you meet 10 random people and you never learn a thing about their politics and half of them are right-wing and half of them are left-wing, specifically political stuff you never talk about. It tends to be that I end up getting along better, as long as the politics are kept out of it with the right-wing people. It's a very interesting thing that I have theories about.
When I'm not actively engaged in stuff... I feel like I just don't want to be... sometimes you do just want to shut down and it can be very jogging when it's just insisted on you, where it's like... let's say five of them are right-wing and five of them left and you're not suppose to talk about politics, the left people are the people who aren't going to let you abide by that rule! And you're like 'dude, I wanted to go fishing! I don't want to hear the phrase cis-het while I'm fishing! Period! Let me fish!
That was one of the off... not quite off-putting but startling about watching the new Dexter, I'm not gonna give away any plot points about it but they bring up like social stuff in Dexter a bunch and so you will hear the phrase cis-het white guy and they're talking about it negative l and I'm sitting here here going 'they're not wrong but this is a show about a serial killer and I don't want you to talk to me about morals and virtues! He is a serial killer! I want to watch the serial killer kill people and almost get caught! That's all I want from Dexter and this is a strange place to hear this! And again I'm not saying the points being made are wrong, I probably agree with the points but when you sit down to watch a... you know, I go to my job at the social justice warrior mil all day as is, that's what everybody thinks about me as it is! Like I'm constantly engaging in it and then you sit down to watch a serial killer and then you're like 'did I just get a lecture? I'm trying to watch somebody murder and I'm getting lectured! What the shit!'
And also I listen to some cooking podcast podcast and lately it's become more and more popular and I'm sitting here going 'I don't want to sound like a Republican but jesus christ!' Where do I go to escape if I'm done with that issue for the day and I've already been doing that issue for hours, which is what everyday feels like for me. Where the fuck do I go if it's in my cooking shows now!"
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2022.01.16 18:48 NDJayBeats Routing Settings don't work when recording. Any help?

Hey, when i'm recording in fl studio I always route one insert to another to record vocals. For example: Insert 15 has the the mic connected with "In 1" and then I route that to Insert 16. Usually then when i record it automatically overtakes that on to the recording. So the recording is now routed to Insert 16. I tried to record today and it just doesnt work. I've restarted the computer and reinstalled FL Studio but it still doesnt work.
When I record the setting is always on post eq. I've tried the other settings but it still doesnt work.
Any help? I have no idea what to change, it always used to work like that.
Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.16 18:48 svizc Is there a manga that covers the whole story.

Last year I find the anime and it become one of my favorites. I wanted to continue the story of Lawrence and the wise wolf so I started reading the light novels. Sadly i find that it's taking me too long to read the LN. Probabley for me the manga would be a quicker and better way to continue. But I can't find a lot of info on the manga. Does it contain the whole story? Is it available somewhere digitally?
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2022.01.16 18:48 Apprehensive_Pear757 Gen-Z in Tunisia

Is it just me or gen z in Tunisia are going too far? It just seems that they are being different for the sake of being different without giving a second thought to what it is that they are doing . To me these people need to grow up and learn that actions have consequences . Its honestly insane how easily they make decisions that can impact the rest of their lives for example it seems like its a new trend for 14-16 years olds to have tattoos and trust those tattoos are usually meaningless and for some reason they its a good idea to have them on their necks,faces and hands AKA the hardest places to cover it makes wonder if they realize its going to stick with them for the rest of their lives and of course we have the edgy atheists for no reason and without any research along the self diagnosers for real if you are going threw a tough time it doesn’t mean you are mentally ill . My problem with this is how it devalues the importance and the symbolism behind these things or even insults the people who put their minds and souls into these subject or actually suffer from them. My point is , please think before you act or say something .
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2022.01.16 18:48 karmelo11 Late night sim driving

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2022.01.16 18:48 pyrokid90 For the love of god and all that is holy

nanoleaf PLEASE just fucking fix your app for christ's sake. why is it so hard to make a product with an app that connects 100% of the time? so many others do it and yet you continue to keep your broken piece of shit high school project of an app and keep pushing new hardware that will 100% have the exact same fucking issues. it's honestly incredible you're still a company and there aren't dozens of articles talking about how broken your products are for the cost. ALL i want is to be able to open the app, connect to my lights and adjust the colobrightness as needed but EVERY.SINGLE.TIME i have to spend 5+ min fucking with your trash shit app just trying to get it to connect to my god damn lights and then i usually end up walking up and pushing the buttons ont he controller myself. this is a fucking joke, it's been YEARS of this shit and you need to improve. it's honestly incredible how many of these posts are made and immediately ignored by any nanoleaf officials in this sub. im begging you, fix your fucking shit
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2022.01.16 18:48 UziPlays 💎Zaddy Inu 💎| LISTED ON FLOOZ TODAY! | Purchase with Apple/Google Pay & Visa/Mastercard

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2022.01.16 18:48 Jake0468 [H] +620 orders!!! Nordvpn, Spotify, Sling, Hulu, Netflix, Nba, Nfl, Virgin tv, DAZN, Disney+, HBO, Direct tv, Fubo tv, AT&T, SiriusXM, Anime, Education and many more with lifetime warranty !!! [W]

Automated shop link
Tell me if the product you want is out of stock and i will add it to stock!!!
Hello! I currently only accept Btc, Eth, Ltc and Credit card (through stripe).
For any questions/difficulties hit me up and i will solve your problem! :D.
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2022.01.16 18:48 Doinswithyiend What armour to use for fury werewolf?

Hey guys,
I have a werewolf with jalal's, Botd polearm, tons of life steal gear.
Currently wearing Naj's armour as it has + skills and resistances which are always handy. But I feel like it lacks "oomph".
My resistances are still quite low.
What armour should I be aiming to get?
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2022.01.16 18:48 MidToUpperAgitated What is a seemingly simple life task that you have yet to grasp?

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2022.01.16 18:48 brandoxm Tickets to Clifton, NJ show

I need two, send me your offer.
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2022.01.16 18:48 YouVision TAKING CARE OF THE DEVIL

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2022.01.16 18:48 MakksTheViking What happens if your tuition is negative?

I just got a letter in the mail saying my college tuition for next year is -7000 dollars because the grants I got more than covered the yearly tuition, books, and extra expenses. What is going to happen to the 7k that doesn't go towards anything? Will they give it to me as cash or put it towards my next year of college? Or does it just dissolve and not go anywhere?
In addition, I was going to do a work study because I assumed the grant that I would get wouldn't fully cover my tuition. What happens to the money I earn in the work study if my tuition is fully paid?
I've looked online and in the letter I got but it doesn't say what will happen to the money. Does anyone know?
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