make a loppy

2022.01.16 19:16 GenNoble make a loppy

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2022.01.16 19:16 Jamyson_Birdie Picture time.

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2022.01.16 19:16 Dry_Book_7081 Etsy new case system is rubbish

Let me start with saying that I have a rather busy shop with a few hundred orders every week. I rarely get cases open and today was surprising and seems to show how bad the new etsy case system is.
With the new system, buyers started to use help request messages even before their item ships (everything in my shop is shipped in 1-2 business days) way before they have an actual problem. But because of that, as soon as review window opens, they can open a case. At any given time, I have hundreds of packages in transit and some of them can get delayed and others are international packages with estimated arrival times of 10-25 business days. Well, today, I have had 3 cases opened. THREE!!! All for orders still in transit, still within estimated arrival dates. All of it because they buyer had imaginary date in their head when they needed it for and they opened a case because they already messaged me in advance asking something like 'hey, when is this going to be shipped,' right after placing their order and they received a response with all details regarding ETA, etc.
Within 30 minutes of opening those cases, etsy closed all of them. There was tracking, all items were shipped on time and all were in transit as expected. Etsy refunded all buyers. Granted, from their funds not mine (because I purchased shipping labels on etsy) but they didn't even check tracking, they just refunded items that didn't qualify for refund in any way, shape or form.
If I used anything else than etsy labels, despite having full tracking, etsy would've refunded from my funds. What's the point of tracking if it's not taken into account. And once etsy starts losing money on these refunds, they may use our funds for the refund. So what's going to happen when we are charged despite tracking saying 'in transit.'
Sorry, I just needed to vent. It pisses me off because it teaches buyers that they can get a refund and risk our shop's standing just because they didn't plan ahead.
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2022.01.16 19:16 Apprehensive_Buyer_2 Cat looks spookeh in the dark dont ya think my cat is in there

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2022.01.16 19:16 buckydean Review #646: Giboin Cognac Borderies Lot 1974-8, 43%

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2022.01.16 19:16 SorbetTop אני מת

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2022.01.16 19:16 Mykoliux-1 Maven vs Gradle vs Ant

Which one of those is the most used? Is Ant still used? Is it hard to learn Gradle if you already know Maven?
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2022.01.16 19:16 rb109544 Where are spots going until markets open?

Whatcha think?
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2022.01.16 19:16 tajarhina Less Qt/C++ means more Electron/Node.js

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2022.01.16 19:16 Competitive_Dot_743 Low fps on Runelite HD Plugin.

Hello guys,
I'm wondering wheter i'm the only one reaching low fps with the HD plugin selected. My PC specs are really good so i'm trying to figure out why it is that I have low FPS. For example when I stand in Grand Exchange I get a fps of 30/40.
My PC specs :
RTX 2070 SUPER I9 -9900KF 16 GB HyperX RAM Windows 10
Things I tried already : Updating drivers ( I do this every week ) Reinstalling Runelite Putting Runelite on high priorty through Task Manager
If there are more things I can try i'd like to know!
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2022.01.16 19:16 CrsCrpr Funny but true ....

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2022.01.16 19:16 TheEvilGhost Covid alert: New Omicron sub-variant in the UK is highly transmissible –

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2022.01.16 19:16 Plus_Ad9034 Aurea

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2022.01.16 19:16 Alecsby_69 Mi mamá: como vas a salir así vestido? Yo: así cómo?

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2022.01.16 19:16 SarahELuvsDisney I should have listened to the warnings!

People warned me the interface was buggy; the encryption technology was too good to be true at the expense of practical use; and that I should use Proton Mail with Simple Login which would not only save me money but would have probably better suited my needs. But, I'm stubborn, hard headed and was in a desperate situation. I ignored the data loss incident they suffered in the past, and I went with CTemplar because it offered what I needed. I then started changing over 900 logins we have on the Internet to the CTemplar addresses, and now that I am on the "t's" in the alphabet I'm wondering if I made a huge mistake? I'm going to try and stick it out, but I have a feeling I'm in for a bumpy ride.
The problems I'm encountering make me think back to the days when I was a teenager and beta tested a bunch of software and gave my opinion about it. Only that software was free and being tested not a final product that is for sale like CTemplar. It should be a finished product and not have so many glitches, at least in my opinion.
Problem I have encountered over the last couple of days with CTemplar as my only e-mail program. I have tried both the web client and the desktop Windows client with the same results in both:
1) Messages get stuck sending 1/16 of the time. The only way to fix the situation as it won't let you click on any other messages is to refresh the browser window and re-enter the web mail client. When I re-enter the message has been moved to drafts and the last paragraph is missing even though I hit save manually prior to sending the message.
2) Photographs and plan text messages sent from "" addresses (everyone on the Verizon Wireless Network do not load whether they have text only, emoticons only, or photographs. The "Decrypting Encrypted Email" logo spins but the messages content never loads or gives you the option to download the photographs. I have NEVER seen an e-mail client that cannot accept mail from this type of e-mail address and I've used Yahoo, Yahoo Mail Plus, G-Mail, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, Incredimail, Zoho, Fast Mail, Start Mail, and Tutanota. All of those accepted e-mails without any problems, but that seems impossible for CTemplar.
3) The help desk where I turned for help with my attachments not loading was inaccurate and out of date. It states to go to Settings-Security-Select Attachments Encryption-Enabled. I looked everywhere for this option and there is no attachments encryption option anywhere in the settings on the web client or desktop client.
4) When I am typing a message using the font that I have set up for composing messages (large font in blue), the font stays neat and tidy until I try to fix a spelling error. As soon as I right mouse click on an underlined word to correct the spelling area the entire paragraph the word is in, and sometimes surrounding paragraphs turn to plan black, small text. I am a fast typist and often don't look at the screen while I'm typing and go back and fix spelling errors at the end, so this is a huge downside for me.
5) The menu bar across the top of the web client that holds the address book, help desk, and settings will disappear off the screen for no reason whatsoever. The only way to get it back is to refresh the browser window, not with the refresh button in CTemplar which as far as I can tell is pretty useless because it doesn't really refresh anything. It's more like a manual "check mail" button only with the name refresh.
6) When I edit info in the display names and signatures section for aliases, many times the changes are not saved automatically. I've tried clicking inside and outside of the fields that I filled in, and no matter how many times I re-enter the information, no matter how long I spend on the page, 85% of the time it does not save at all. This is extremely frustrating. I wish there was a save button like there is in the address book and the compose message window so that I could force it to manually save the changes when CTemplar's auto save function drops the ball.
7) Aliases, all 200 of them, were a huge selling point for me. I use anywhere from 125-150 aliases at a time and I need to be able to send and receive mail to all of those aliases. In the average mail client I can set up all of the aliases in 35 minutes. This is because almost every mail client that lets you choose a display name for aliases has a field to fill in the display name when you create the alias. In CTemplar you have to go into settings, find the right alias in the box, and then set the display name and delete the default signature and then hope it saves automatically or you have to rinse and repeat until it stays put. Also, the alias display names feature is impractical to use with a lot of aliases, the drop down box only shows 13 aliases. There is no way to scroll up or down in the box or use up and down arrow keys. So I have to manually move the alias up one rung on the ladder at a time until it reaches the top 13 spot. This takes on average 6-8 minutes per alias. Because of this I only have less than 30 of the needed aliases set up so far. So frustrating. I thought it might be my monitor settings, but I have a 22" monitor and I tried all of the display setting sizes and it did not change the situation. 8) Every time I hit enter while typing an e-mail, the font changes to plain black, small text instead of the large blue font I have my settings set to. The only way to avoid this is to hold down the shift key and press enter at the same time. It works and the text style remains, but it's one more thing that does not function the way that it should.
9) Every alias came with a default signature which I have to manually delete one at a time. The default signature "advertises" CTemplar. I can understand that on a free account, but it should not even be considered as an option or available as an option since Covid 19 started.
10) When I read and then delete emails in the web client often times the messages will continue to show in the inbox. Sometimes I have to delete a message 5 or 6 times just to completely get rid of the messages. Getting rid of them sends them to the trash. I have trouble emptying the trash all at one time, so I have to refresh, wait a few minutes and then try emptying the trash again.
11) Often times CTemplar does not check for mail automatically in the web client unless I am working in it at the time. If I'm in a different tab or window, then it usually will not check for and receive mail until I click on the tab it's housed in again. I wish there was a setting to have CTemplar check mail at a specific interval. This is an option in most mail programs and I prefer intervals between 1-3 minutes. With CTemplar I need to hit the refresh button, if I don't, CTemplar seems to only check mail when it gets around to it.
12) When someone sends a long email that they have separated into paragraphs that was formatted without any special characters, the text hangs over the right edge of the email web client and you can't see the cut off portion. This happens when both G-mail and Yahoo accounts send me long e-mails. I end up having to copy and paste the e-mail into a document program and when I do that, it wraps the text even in plain text mode and makes it easy to read. If CTemplar is not going to automatically wrap text on all e-mails regardless of the font, there is a plain text hard wrap option but that does not solve the incoming mail problem, only the outgoing mail problem.
For now that's all that I have encountered, and that seems like more than enough considering I've had CTemplar for less than 48 hours. If the past 48h hours are a glimpse in to what's to come, then I'm going to need a lesson in patience at the AP Calculus level, even though I'm awful at math, LOL.
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2022.01.16 19:16 LefthandMind I have these red, little dry patches / spots on my body, which always become much more visible - red (pink colored) after taking shower. It started with one quite a big spot on my side a year ago. Then other ones started appearing - now I have these spots on belly, sides, buttocks, legs, arms.

I have these red, little dry patches / spots on my body, which always become much more visible - red (pink colored) after taking shower. It started with one quite a big spot on my side a year ago. Then other ones started appearing - now I have these spots on belly, sides, buttocks, legs, arms. submitted by LefthandMind to medical [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 19:16 WallStreetDoesntBet Steve Jobs was dropping Metaverse gems before the Metaverse was in existence

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2022.01.16 19:16 Embarrassed_Ad_3268 Check out this project!!!!!! THE HUSTLERS OF WALL STREET
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2022.01.16 19:16 OttoPorterMusic My fursona Astro he is a freind to all and loves music.

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2022.01.16 19:16 wshxii Birmingham Squadron Win! 123-107 over Salt Lake City Stars

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2022.01.16 19:16 FazbearKing87 The new Team Peace logo

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2022.01.16 19:16 TrufflesTheCat I expect my married life to fall apart.

So I'm single but when I do get married it will be the smallest wedding ever. Give me the papers ill sign + husband signs. Boom done. Nothing romantic happening. Don't expect a honey moon either. I'm going to have a fail safe plan where I save as much money as I can and enjoy it until its over.
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2022.01.16 19:16 mario12211 Get the eggplant

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2022.01.16 19:16 Inevitable-Thing-401 Gotta repost

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2022.01.16 19:16 bucks195 Thoughts on Oatly $OTLY? Personal opinion DD

Oatly: Is a Swedish dairy alternative product producer. It sells Oat-milk, yogurt and ice cream products word-wide and is aggressively expanding.

Why i like it:
I have been living in London for 3 years and the rise of Oatly has been stunning here!
It's served in every coffee shop and sits on all major supermarket milk shelves. I am a milk drinker, but now drink 50%+ of my coffees with Oat milk in them. A lot of my friends do not buy milk anymore and seem to be heavily fixated on this brand too.
I watched the company IPO and thought it's share price was insane though. So I sat back and have kept watching from afar.
10 months on I can buy their stock at 66% discount from their IPO price... so finally I have become interested in their company and not just their tasty milk
Using tracktak, ( using the following figures:
CAGR: 35%
Op target Year 10: 20%
Year of convergence: 5
I got a estimated price per share of $11, which is 48% higher then today's SP

Operating expenses are also increasing though and losses are expected to be up to 130m from 33m last year!
Rising costs can probably be attributed to supply chain issues, increasing wages and a large single factory contamination issue...
Lastly It's balance sheet is somewhat solid due to smarty issuing shares last year:
Cash: 403M
Net Equity: 1.34BN

- Oat milk and non-dairy products have a bright future and Oatly is a leading, well respected brand in this space.
- Revenue is growing as expected and demand is strong for it's products, especially in the US (accounting for much of it's growth)
- The company estimates the industry to be worth a potential 60bn in yearly revenue
- The company is liquid enough for now

- Increased competition is inevitable
- Oat milk production is not that great for the environment (They live on this claim)
- This company is not profitable and haemorrhaged a lot cash during 2021...(NOTE: They did raise capital via selling stock and has a decent balance sheet with a large cash reserve)

- If we saw 10-20% correction (likely in this market) combined with Oatly's stock volatility ..... that could make this company a smart buy in the near future
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