People are jumpin in this is too funny read this story

2022.01.16 18:20 Lucylupupp People are jumpin in this is too funny read this story

I was telling my mom over the holidays about shibonk and a bit about the different crypto waves of meme coins. We all laughed and I showed fam the process and mom bought $25 just for fun. Now I’m back home after the holidays and her girlfriends hit me up telling me they’ll send me e transfers to get them some shibonks! Lol my moms best friend just sent me $100 for her bag of shibo hahaha so sick
Who else is spreading the news helping your fam get it!
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2022.01.16 18:20 doomedtocrypt "A New doggo join the game" not about doge sorry guys..

Today I've seen some Tweet about the$HUAHUA meme coin. Anyone there heard something about that ? It is a good dogo ?
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2022.01.16 18:20 REVENGE966 [PC] [UNKNOWN] an educational game

Platform(s): PC
Genre: adventure, educational, Puzzle
Estimated year of release:
Graphics/art style:
Notable characters: the main character is a robot apparently
Notable gameplay mechanics:
Other details:

An educational game I used to play when I was a 8 years old.
game's icon:
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2022.01.16 18:20 DragonfruitTall3613 covid tests

Anyone know where I can find some covid tests?
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2022.01.16 18:20 Jolly-Ad7653 Anybody else's Shepherd get scared when they watch movies?

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2022.01.16 18:20 GetSocialVR Does VRchat have worlds involved in learning (from everything from chess to working out to public speaking)? If so, what are they?

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2022.01.16 18:20 laflame12345678 Need a check on these 🙏🏻

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2022.01.16 18:20 Specialist_Ganache24 Do any of the delivery insurance companies offer pillion cover for sd&p? Im with zego now and from what I’ve read they dont seem to offer it

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2022.01.16 18:20 dddccc1 Is there an easy way to switch between user accounts on Spotify premium family plan?

Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find a recent answer on Google. Basically I have just signed up to spotify family plan, wanting to know if there is a way to quickly switch between user accounts so we don't have to constantly log in and out when accessing our profiles? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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2022.01.16 18:20 northhiker Regret moving to NH

Moved here for my wife's residency. We found out where we were going for her residency March 25th 2020, basically as the lock downs because of covid were starting. We knew we preferred to buy because we were going to be here a minimum of 3 years but because of covid there were practically no houses for sale and no in person showings and we really didn't feel comfortable purchasing with a video alone. Add that we had to be moved in by June 1st we had no time to continue looking so we were basically forced to take an apartment in a local complex sight unseen.
Well living in this apartment complex sucks. It's so loud basically 24/7 and the management doesn't care at all. We want nothing more than to move out of here but they want a minimum of 60days notice if you're leaving which makes it almost impossible to move out as no landlords want to rent to you in 60days, they want to rent now. So we're not sure at all how we are supposed to find a new apartment
We're completely priced out of homeownership in the area. We've put in half a dozen offers on houses the time we've been here but lost on all of them and all of our offers were well above asking
My wife is not happy with the program at all. The program isn't about training anymore, it's just about being free work for the hospital, she does absolutely no research and they are not training her well, she honestly doesn't feel like they are adequately preparing her for when residency is over
The residents asked for a pay increase or a cost of living adjustment because pay has not been increased in years and they asked for a housing stipend because of the explosion in rent costs and the residents were told they were greedy and all they cared about was money
Another 1year and half and that's that. I will also add to any medical school graduates eyeing the Upper Valley, look at your pay and the cost of living here and think really hard if you want to come here. Don't trust everything you hear in the interview, do your own backhand research to see if the program is definitely a right fit for you (if you want honest unbiased opinions on the area and housing my inbox is open, my wife sat in on some interviews where medical students were told that the housing situation and cost of living isn't as bad as the media and locals make it out to be, uhm what lol!). My wife knows of 2 residents already that want to leave early and switch out to other programs in different states (this is a big deal and is very rarely ever done) plus she knows of almost no residents who plan on staying here past residency
Sucks as we love the area and were originally planning on staying here long term but the ongoing housing crisis has completely turned us off and if the program would just listen more to the residents on how and where they could improve it would help tremendously on improving current and future residents quality of life which would help attract new residents
And the state and local governments need to address the current housing shortage and come up with ways to help, not just ignore it and hope things fix themselves
Rant over
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2022.01.16 18:20 jimsullivam6529 21 f

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2022.01.16 18:20 Vo1d3x QC on these UNC dunks?

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2022.01.16 18:20 plowang32 Let's talk about leg meta balance

As a fellow kneecap enjoyer, I've noticed discrepancies between several calibres and the flesh damage they are capable of. Specifically, calibres that can hit certain breakpoints in damage far outperform those that can't.
PMC's have 440 health, so, for example, a bullet that does at least 88 damage will kill a full health PMC in 5 shots, while a bullet that does 87 or less will take at least 6, excluding damage from bleeds. Here's a table showing the first couple breakpoints for damage:

Minimum Shots to Kill Minimum Damage Needed
2 220
3 147
4 110
5 88
6 74
7 63
Beyond 7 bullets, you're probably better off aiming for the face in my opinion.
Here's a table comparing calibres that actually have a flesh damage round and their fastest firing guns:
Calibre Bullet Damage Best Gun Best Gun Firerate Hits Needed Optimal Time to Kill
9x18 SP7 77 Klin 1000 6 0.36 seconds
9x19 RIP 102 MP9-N 1100 5 0.27 seconds
7.62x25 LRNPC 66 PPSh 1000 7 0.42 seconds
.45 RIP 137 Vector 1100 4 0.22 seconds
12/70 RIP 265 Saiga-12/MP-155/MP-153 40 2 3 seconds
5.7x28 R37.F 98 P90 900 5 0.33 seconds
5.45x39 HP 74 AK-74 650 6 0.55 seconds
5.56x45 Warmageddon 85 HK416 850 6 0.42 seconds
7.62x39 HP 87 Mutant 650 6 0.55 seconds
7.62x51 Ultra Nosler 107 SA-58 700 5 0.42 seconds
12.7x55 PS12A 165 ASh-12 650 3 0.27 seconds
Important point! This table completely ignores recoil, bleed chance, recoil and accuracy buffs or debuffs, and cost or availability of the bullets and guns. There's a lot of info in this table but there's a couple key takeaways I think are relevant: 1. Pistol calibres are strictly better than rifle calibres in terms of flesh damage and TTK 2. The in-game values for the firerates of shotguns is wrong; I can definitely shoot faster than every 1.5 seconds. As estimation I would say the actual TTK is close to the 0.5 second mark
In the interest of promoting variety I think the rifle calibres should be buffed so that they are more comparable to the SMGs in terms of optimal TTK. Importantly, even if the bullets were buffed to be competitive, the SMGs would still be king of legs due to higher firerate and lower recoil.
Here's what I would change: 1. Warmageddon -> at least 88 damage (+3) -> TTK goes to 0.35 2. 7.62 HP -> at least 88 damage (+1) -> TTK goes to 0.46 and provides a meaningful difference between 5.45 HP and 7.62 HP 3. Ultra Nosler -> at least 110 damage (+3) -> TTK goes to 0.34
As you can see, these proposed changes would not put any rifle ahead of the best SMGs, merely make them able to compete. It only involves adding a total of 7 damage in total! I also think these changes might help bullets that must be some of the most infrequently used in the game see some light.
There's one last change I would suggest, and that's for 12/70 RIP. Not listed in the table is SuperFormance HP, which does 220 damage and has a recoil reduction modifier of -15 whereas RIP has an increase of +35 for the exact same TTK. Furthermore, the wiki says they have similar bleed probabilities as well. Thus I think RIP should be buffed to at least 294 damage. Why? My understanding of how limb penetration works is that the first limb hit takes full damage and then the second takes half. Thus, at 294 damage, you would be able to instakill someone with RIP if you hit both their legs with one shot, a tradeoff between SuperFormance and its low recoil or RIP and the one-shot potential.
Thoughts? Not sure how the rest of the community views legs as a viable combat tactic.
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2022.01.16 18:20 crytoloover How To Buy/Sell Facebook Metaverse on Trust Wallet | How To Buy/Sell (FACEMETA) Token on pancakeswap

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2022.01.16 18:20 groovyyymannn Determined to quit but have issues with smoking habits

I can feel the effects of smoking on my health... I constantly get chest infections, I hate being out of breath after the smallest amount of exercise– I'm so so determined to stop for my own health.
The only problem is my mood has been terrible recently. I usually go on a walk and have a smoke when I feel like shit. I can't really do that now. I try to substitute it with e-cigarettes but it's just... not really the same. I feel like it's a bit of a catch 22. I want to stop smoking to feel better (physically), but to feel better (mentally) I feel like I need cigarettes to help me.
If anyone has any experience or advice or anything at all they could offer I'd appreciate it so much. I'm really struggling.
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2022.01.16 18:20 No-Neighborhood-80 Warzone on PC with PS5 controller via Bluetooth

So i just switched from PS5 to PC. Downloaded DS4windows to connect my Controller and everything works perfectly Fine. But connecting the Controller via Bluetooth makes the aim feeling so weird. Its instable an moves slightly to the left and right. Is there any fix for that? Or does anybody have this Problem too?
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2022.01.16 18:20 needsomepape Anyone actually tryna share game with a mf.

Y'all out here showing the gains & luring broke mfs in scammi them like do y'all not fuckin know ? Tf you being stingy with money that's not even your?? Tf? Niggas actin like there a drought on that shit. & Hell ya I'm a broke mf! Tryna get my shit up. i work but that shit clearly ain't gona get me no fuckin Benz any fuckin time soon. Just fucking share knowledge ain't nobody asking for no fuckin money. Just lessons.
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2022.01.16 18:20 platanopower2 Blind Sample Showdown #2

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2022.01.16 18:20 poorlyExisting cursed_testicle

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2022.01.16 18:20 Luxnatic still tired after sleeping

i usually sleep around 9 ish hours and if i sleep 7 or 8 i usually feel pretty tired and really foggy minded. i woke up today after 7 hours of sleep and feel like a weird in between tired and awake, i can't shut down my brain to sleep but i can't really focus on much being awake. i should mention that i usually feel like foggy when i get a normal amount of sleep but this just makes it so much worse. i don't know if it's because of mental health or physical health. i went to go see a doctor about getting a sleep study done and she said i don't need to get a sleep study, that i need to go see a psychiatrist. does anybody have this too and know what's going on?
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2022.01.16 18:20 MrSleepychops Join the uprising! Eat the rich!

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2022.01.16 18:20 bbjeve 20F [Chat]

i’m bored and can’t sleep. we can talk about whatever
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2022.01.16 18:20 ChrisC1636 Need an Aerodactyl Raid!

looking for a raid to complete a challenge!
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2022.01.16 18:20 Mobile_Tap_6212 Looking into Foundry for a custom campaign, just a couple questions.

So I plan on hosting a full on custom campaign fit with 40+ races and 30+ classes fit with a Mana system and have been told Foundry would be the best online service to do this in and the best looking one at that. I was wondering how easy it would be to implement all of the custom races, classes, enemies, items and a mana system, etc etc. Second question, the "Stripe" payment just seems a bit sketch especially when I've been told by a couple of my other friends their cards got declined and received immediate calls from their bank asking if it was a fraud, so I was wondering if there were any other ways of payment that seem a bit more direct if that makes sense. Final question, Since I would be purchasing this as a DM, my players would be able to use it through the website but just to confirm if they wanted to dm they'd have to purchase the license right?
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2022.01.16 18:20 bwoodboy which side?

View Poll
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