I need help for my play through idea

2022.01.16 18:45 justvibin5 I need help for my play through idea

So I started a new a new game with a custom Ironborn ruler of Orkmont that got the title due to his heritage of being decended from Harren the Black. But for some reason every time I do the house customized for House Hoare it doesn’t link me to the main branch instead I’m just by myself?? I’m only using 5 mods The Agot mod, More bloodlines, the TV show music, Ruler Designer unlocked, and Ultimate Tooltip does anyone know why?
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2022.01.16 18:45 Drewbox Taking my 3yo lab to the vet in a couple days to get this growth looked at. What can I expect the vet to tell me?

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2022.01.16 18:45 AutomaticSaltGrinder Just a couple millenials trying to make it

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2022.01.16 18:45 fuckedupportfolio Theories about the events of chapter 1037, separated into tl;dr points (w sources)

Hi Op community, small disclaimer: It is hard to be brief with One Piece and I don't want you to waste too much of your time with my extensive theories, I know there's a lot of theories in the market right now so I'll try to separate my thoughts into points delving in my reasoning below. Please bear with me because I'll try to quote some sources too. You can read only the points in bold letters that interest you, no problem if you feel like skipping most of the parts! And excuse the bad English! 😋
1.- Zou, Wano and Fishman Island are connected, their isolation was not casual. Highly possible they all are connected to Joyboy.
Zou: Oda has been pointing out the relationship between Wano and Zou.We know from Miyagi (Ch, 882) that the giant elephant has been wandering for more than a thousand years when the Mink came to live there and they might have forgotten why.
Fishman Island: Also there was the unfulfilled promise in the Fishman Island from Joyboy (can't remember chapter, quoting the wikia: "Joy Boy made a promise to Fishman Island to use Poseidon's powers to raise the ship to the surface.") Probably Joyboy is also a Kozuki (remember this for the next point)
Wano: Lastly let's remember what Oden learned in Laugh Tale: "During his visit to Laugh Tale learned that Wano was once connected with the rest of the world, but became isolated for a certain purpose to be fulfilled and to be protected from a great power... Oden reached the conclusion that Wano should be opened to the world once more before Joyboy returns" (Ch. 976)
Joyboy: Kaido and King know about him (Chapter: 1036) and knew he wanted to create a "new world". Even if we are not for certain on Zou yet, we can at least could conclude that he was responsible for the history of those kingdoms. I think his mission was to help unite the kingdoms that were isolated and bring them to the open world back again but he could not do it.
2.- The fruit the government is talking about is related to Zunesha.
This is more of a guess but I think in the previous to last pannel of the latest issue (Ch. 1037) we are seeing the GW react to the sight of Zunesha's shadow. They were discussing a fruit but we only see in the panel when they talk about why hasn't been awakened upon centuries. I think they are hinting the void century as the time it was last awoken and we were left out of part of their conversation.
About the Kozuki clan, creators of the phoneglyphs, revealed (Ch. 818), we learned that they were known by the minks, but the minks never learned about Zunesha or why is it wandering aimessly.
Momosuke revealing his ability to communicate with Zunesha noticed this connection too without learning it elsewhere (Ch. 882) and wanted to learn more about it so he stayed in Zou.

Momosuke reading his father's Journal and learning a shocking fact that made him want to live, is an indicator of the importance of his role in Wano. I believe he either called Zunesha to help him with Onigashima or to help him carry out something he just learned in the journal.

Even if Miyagi claim it's been a thousand years when they inhabited Zunesha the void century was 800-900 years ago so he could be mistaken by not a large margin.
Conclusion: I think Momo's ability is the only one able to upset the government that much, the one that could be historically important we know so far. It is possible that Zunesha's burden or task was given by a previous Kozuki probably Joyboy, and they were the only ones who possessed the ability to communicate with him and give him orders, the only ones who could put his aimless wandering to an end. After arriving in Wano we either learn if his sisyphean task is going to end here or we'll have more clues about it.
Now, even if it's not that ability they are refering to I think find a lot more plausible that the fruit they are alluding is the Uo Uo no Mi rather than Toki's or Tama's. I explain why in the next point.
3.- Kaido is in Wano because he knows something really important about it and that secret is the key that would lead him to the One Piece. Him crying for not having more beast-human hibrids was not only a whim.
This thought would be less accurate than the first one, it is less based in declarations and it is more about hunches.
I suspect Kaido's fruit was related to Wano (and the Kozuki clan). And it is more important than any other fruit we have seen so far for this arc. Some possible foreshadowing about it includes the magicarp-chinese tale of the carps leaping the dragon gate, the legend of the hero Ruyma who slayed an actual Dragon, and the Prophetiæ Merlini when there was a fight between two dragons (and I think a tale of two dragons and a throne I can't remember)
I base this on Kaidos acts towards Wano: getting rid of Moria, preventing all rebelions and even confronting Oden, all in order to stablish himself in a highly isolated country. I think Kaido knew his kingdom had an important purpose/role in the world or a secret, and his fruit was one of the conditions to fullfill it.
Now another hunch I have is based on how emotionnal Kaido got when he didn't have smiles at his disposal anymore. Why does he went to such lenght for something that wasn't life treatening? he could have gave their crew other fruits or use some Queen technology power-ups. I think his wish for a crew of beast pirates was something more than symbolic.
The other Dragon, Momosuke can literally move at his own will the land inhabited by human-animal hybrid especies! Do you see the similarities?
The original fruit could be the one carried by Momo and the goverment/Vegapunk switch them when Big Mom stole it or it could have had the same properties (probably the Vegapunk could go really far experimenting with Kaido, he resisted everything), the same properties but only a Kozuki could awaken its ability. Kaido probably doesn't know another way of finding animals like Minks.
Conclusion: I think it's the Uo Uo no Mi awokened that made communication with Zunesha possible. I think it's the fruit that carries more symbolism to Wano and I think there is a prophecy or a puzzle that requires the Minks to be on Wano to be realized. Kaido needed the beast pirates because he thinks other animal-hybrid creatures loyal to him can realize it too and he already had the Uo Uo no Mi who can be or not another condition.
4.- The inherited will in Joyboy, Roger, Oden and Luffy has been clearly highlited in this arc
Lastly, let's have a conclusion about Joyboy. This also has to do with the old and well-established theory, One Piece-One World that I prolly should have mention at the beginning. I think we have had a lot of small peeks about this mysterious character to speculate his involvement in various Kindgoms and his will to change them in some way. How, now that his name is being thrown in Wano and we know who the Kozuki wrote the phoneglyphs we could be certain that he was one or at the very least closely related to them. And if he was a Kozuki trying the huge feat like raising Noah to the surface he could have been the one also trying to pull a similar feat with Zunesha. (A farfetch speculation but maybe he carried more than 1 powerful ability, maybe he possessed all ancient weapons)
Let's consider the ties of how all Kingdoms like Arabasta, Fishman Island, Shandoria (Ch. 301) etc. have or had a duty to protect the phoneglyps (Roger fullfilled the duty of the Shandorians). And how Luffy has made a change in those places, (even in those who didn't have a Phoneglyph like Water 7) it is doing it right now in Wano etc, how Oden protected Wano, wanted its borders to open and Roger who died in order to create the legend of One Piece, revive the interest in the road poneglyph. They along Joyboy have contributed to change history!
Other possible characters that carried a will are Noland, (probably Nika the Sun God who passed his will to the Sun pirates), and let's not forget Ace! who tried to protect Wano.
Last conclusion All of them have been in one way or another have tried to change the world alligned by a will that has attempted to be ereased from history. I am not sure what is exactly in Raftel but I am personally certain that the One Piece has been made possible by the will of many people and only the ones with it can find it.
Well thanks for reading. Hope you found this entertaining, sorry for writting that much I'm really hyped with the series! ❤
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2022.01.16 18:45 lexx27 By the sea

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2022.01.16 18:45 Fort_Master Its Tru that my troops are in Wu! - Europa Universalis IV: Castile Ep. 51

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2022.01.16 18:45 SilverIncrease5443 Smoke detector

I was recently told by my landlord that I was tampering with my smoke detector. I sent him an email stating that it needed to be changed because it was expired. I told him I change the battery once a year. He told me I should have not tampered with it. I said I've been doing it for many years. I said I did it because no one else ever has come in and check them. One tenant was without a smoke detector for 2 months! Another tenant decided to replace hers with her own money. I told him I didn't feel safe and I did it on my own. Safety first is what I said. Who is right here the tenant or the landlord? I know with all the public service announcements concerning smoke detectors always stating when there's a time change, change your smoke detector battery. I had no clue that I was tampering with it. Also another concern of mine was the dryer vents. It's been many many years and they've never been cleaned out. I've requested to have them cleaned out. But it fell on deaf ears. Is that a fire hazard? I don't feel safe in this building. What can I do? Thank you for your time.
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2022.01.16 18:45 TheMazter13 bouta slab you real good 😈😈

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2022.01.16 18:45 lostandfound-a-sloth Blue-footed booby in the amazing Galapagos

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2022.01.16 18:45 Substantial_Care_853 The Double Ent-Andres have been taken down and I have received my trophy!

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2022.01.16 18:45 anxietyee Steel Type !!

I’m about to battle Opal and was wondering where the best place to train up my steel pokémon would be?
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2022.01.16 18:45 downfall_icarus Just be quiet please.

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2022.01.16 18:45 Knario1954 Gifs_lindos_&_Bizarros

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2022.01.16 18:45 Gamabouy RPi vs. Arduino+RPi for 5+ sensor logging?

I am building a robot that requires me to log data (in real-time at the highest poll rate possible for the price range) from 5 or more sensors.
- 1x HX711 Load Cell Amp (requires 2 GPIO pins)
- 1x ACS712 Current Sensor (single Analog pin)
- 3x GY80 or similar combo sensors with accelerometers (Fixed address I2C, 2 pins for each GY80)
I already have an UNO for stepper control (CNC Shield and 4 steppers) that will be controlled over a USB connection to the RPi (Pi4 4GB). For the multiple GY80 sensors I was planning on getting an I2C multiplexer to get over the same address issue. For the HX711, I wanted to use the onboard GPIO pins on the RPi. The only issue is the ACS712 and its single Analog output, I initially planned on getting an ADS1015 to act as an ADC between the sensor and the Pi. However, I am now considering connecting all the sensors to a secondary Arduino and having it interface with the RPi. I would not have to deal with the ADC issues and having all the sensor data streamlined through a secondary Arduino (UNO/Nano?) would definitely help clean up my wiring and other issues.

Would I be able to output such a large amount of data of 38 values (1*current, 1*weight, 3*3*acceleration, 3*3*velocity,3*temperature,3*pressure,3*altitude, 3*3*magnetometer) every couple of milliseconds through a serial connection between the Pi and Arduino and not have any issues? Would also appreciate some input on what to select for this intermediate device, perhaps a Pi Pico or ESP32 instead?
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2022.01.16 18:45 coolmint_56 Slow cooked pork loin with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted brussels.

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2022.01.16 18:45 DenzelEd12 Redditors who have been threatened. What is a threat you legitimately believed would happen and why?

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2022.01.16 18:45 Travelercam New to Tufting Questions

Hello all!
I am new to tufting. I have gone through the FAQ and read the entire Wiki, but I wanted to reach out and ask the community a few questions because there aren't as many responses in the Master Supplies List to these specific questions; and the wiki is not quite up to date as quite a few of the links are broken.
Where is your favorite place to purchase yarn? (I think I would prefer wool over acrylic, and I would prefer to do cut pile over loop pile)
What is your favorite backing/glue?
Do any of you use a projector, and if so what kind do you recommend?
If you are in the Los Angeles area can you recommend any stores?
Thank you for any and all help! I truly appreciate it!
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2022.01.16 18:45 Naddleman Trying to Flesh Out Rest of Soulblight List

Trying to finish up a Soulblight list and have a core I think I really like but unsure how I want to finish it. So I’m pretty sure I want:
Mannfred Von Carstein Vampire Lord Necromancer 40 Deadwalker zombies 20 death rattle skeletons 20 death rattle skeletons 10 Dire Wolves Zombie dragon
But for the rest I have a couple options. I can do Vengorian Lord and 3 Fel Bats to help support the dragon and screen. Or I can do 5 Blood Knights and 3 Vargheists to have more mobility. Or upgrade the Zombie Dragon to one with a vampire lord on top and add the blood knights.
I really want to run Mannfred, the Necromancer, and the Vampire lord. And I really don’t like the grave guard models so avoiding those. But open to any other advice. No idea on spells, battalions, etc yet just trying to iron out units. Most likely running this as Legion of Night.
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2022.01.16 18:45 Denieta The plight of the fur mom.

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2022.01.16 18:45 thermitexash [Help][PS4][DSR][Seath]

Anyone able to help with Seath? Hanging around near the fog wall, password is dsr
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2022.01.16 18:45 Low_Satisfaction_435 6 years post stroke picky eater

Hi all - apologies in advance if this is the wrong place for the post!
I am one of my mom’s main caregivers (my dad is the other and a home aide that comes during the week while I work). My mom had a stroke back in 2015. The first two years she was on several types of diets - liquid then soft bland foods then back to normal. She has become increasingly more picky with what she will eat. Usually she accepts eggs, fruit, most soups, chicken nuggets and occasionally sandwiches. I try my best to make them as nutritious as I can but there is always something new that she does not like and leaves me with minimal options. We give her Ensure drinks on the days she absolutely refuses to eat anything given to her.
My mom was the best cook and I unfortunately did not inherit the home chef gene so my attempts at making the meals she used to never turn out the same and any new things I try to introduce she just refuses. I have even tried giving her those kid veggie mixed nuggets and tots to try to up her veg intake but there is no fooling her and she pushes them away.
Has anyone here experienced this/something similar with the person you care for? Any tips to get overcome this? I am exhausted wasting food (my dad and I try to eat what she doesn’t) and fighting with her just to eat a few bites.
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2022.01.16 18:45 Fort_Master Its Tru that my troops are in Wu! - Europa Universalis IV: Castile Ep. 51

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2022.01.16 18:45 Seventeen_Dreams confused about the timeline between ep 4 and 5

in episode 4, after wille asks simon to hold him, wille asks him if he can stay till he falls asleep. so thats the first thing that confuses me with what time it is. then they cuddle and later on we see that august (😡) sees them..., at that moment it seems like morning. then in the beginning of next episode, we see sunlight gushing through their window, so maybe it was after sunrise.
i mean my question is, was it like early morning when august sees them, and then like a late morning at the opening scene of ep5?
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2022.01.16 18:45 sorryyalljustfun 18F Hey I'm looking for more conservative/ trump supporter friends. Hmu [chat]

Dm me
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2022.01.16 18:45 No_Pomegranate_8236 Here we go 6oz of gelato 41 trim and larf that’s super sugary, next up is 4oz of dogsbreath and I have 2oz of some outdoor to do too.

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