2021.12.03 01:09 BestAd2437 Hi

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2021.12.03 01:09 Stressful_Acorn Had to update my diamond dynasty squad! #WinterLockouts!

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2021.12.03 01:09 wasabimami123 油そば/Abura Soba with Chashu style Chicken

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2021.12.03 01:09 Selvanegra_13 My dog, he is always with me ❤️

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2021.12.03 01:09 Dannyjobsingh Any add-on that has global audio normalizer feature

An add on that could normalize the audio irrespective of the tabs opened or closed would be great.Also can normalizer like tomsteady or rocksteady be added as extension if possible it would be the best solution I guess.

P.S:I know about sound fixer and it is great but need to apply gain for each and every video in sites like facebook and also every time the tab is closed
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2021.12.03 01:09 FranceSino CRTX - The Squeeze of 2022!

No introduction I’m sure every single one of y’all know the DD behind CRTX. How it’s the most shorted stock in the market with a small float and the list goes on. Well here’s something to think about, as long as they get that FDA approval before the end of 2022 nothing will stop this stock from taking off. That would be the biggest catalyst for CRTX which will definitely bring attention. So as soon as it passes that $20 area it will immediately trigger a squeeze that will leave them bleeding for days. The way I see it is their stuck and there’s no solution on their end to avoid that gap from filling whether they choose to cover now or later but at the end if the gap is filled it will definitely reach as low as $57. Which indeed is crazy to even understand how high the price will go even after that huge gap gets filled. Stay on the lookout because it’s about to get real for CRTX. That’s the play for 2022!
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2021.12.03 01:09 AshleynoelleSorenson my mic picks up my pc fans!

so i’m a small streamer that primarily plays minecraft. my fans in my computer are so loud that my cheaply made 30$ amazon mic pick it up sooo bad. i’m not looking to spend more than 200$ on a new mic. can anyone suggest a way to make my fans sound less loud and a new mic and or software to help with the noise? thanks guys!
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2021.12.03 01:09 Capable-Today2517 Question for the subreddit: is it wrong for kubo to have shown more from soi fons vice captain omaeda than yamamotos vice captain chojiro?

so i had an argument whith some may call a hater and troll of bleach and he says that just because omaeda got some few moments like fights, and chojiro almost anything and even to the point to being defeated by ichigo when he is supposed to be strong is BS?
NOW my opinion is that chojiro wasnt supposed to relevant at all and if he was defeated by ichigo is because ichigo was stronger and caught chojiro off guard. but why is it bad writing if a not so well recievied character like omaeda gets more spotlight? there is a rule that just because chojiro was vice captain from yamamoto he was supposed to be like a central point? all i see is kubo deciding what characters worked for that moment and for that specific point in the story i believe is not a crime what does the sub reddit thinks?
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2021.12.03 01:09 JellyfishXen The sadness is real.

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2021.12.03 01:09 GenericWhyteMale Somone else ripped off TF!

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2021.12.03 01:09 AthenasDemise Keeping Cool side cool with RHP

Hi all! I just installed my RHP from pro products. I have a 4x2x2 and it’s an 100w panel, which was recommended by them for my tank size . I’m having a hard time keeping the cool side cooler and the warm side warmer. The temperature is seeming to be pretty stagnant across the tank. My thermometer near the cool side reads at around 82 and the thermometer below the RHP reads at 87. Her vents had some tape over them and I tried taking off the tape on the cool side of her vent and temperatures went to 79/81. How do you manage different temperatures with the RHP? I have a UVB light strip in front of the RHP on the warm side. I’m thinking to maybe move that, and add a halogen flood light above the RHP on the warm side. I’m planning on having a Halogen flood light regardless so she can have the proper IR but worried about keeping the cool side cool. Any suggestions are much appreciated!
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2021.12.03 01:09 goldencaramelo YTPBR - Joao amorim entra em coma alcoolico [semana poopada EP 9]

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2021.12.03 01:09 varnaa123 Why liquidity rewards negative?

I provided liquidity on pancakeswap. But at the end i lost my assets by some percentage as opposed to that i was expecting some gains.
I mean i provided liquidity for a + z pair. Say i locked 10a and 100z in liquidity. And expected some gains. Then after some time i removed this liquidity but i got back 10a and 65z. Wtf? Why would i provide liquidity to loose my assets? Can anyone please explain this? Thanks.
P.s. i will never provide liquidity on any dex. Eff dex.
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2021.12.03 01:09 ligntning_bolt252171 I GOT ENGAGED

I got engaged she is so lovely and I just wanted to say that here
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2021.12.03 01:09 AorticSeptalDefect How do I remove these chairs that are off the lot?

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2021.12.03 01:09 BBQ_TED Week 7 vs week 1 of figure drawing. This has been so hard but so rewarding. You guys can do it!

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2021.12.03 01:09 bigboibogai im coming for you

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2021.12.03 01:09 HamboneBanjo Every time I see her face I remember the first time we met.

I just regret not splurging on the higher quality storage container.
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2021.12.03 01:09 thenewblackisblack La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) S05E07 - "Wishful Thinking" - Episode Discussion Post

Episode discussion post for La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) S05E07 - Wishful Thinking / Ciencia ilusionada
Do NOT discuss later episodes to avoid spoiling them. Please limit all discussion in this post only to this episode or prior episodes.
Episode 6 - Escape Valve / Válvulas de escape
Episode 7 - Wishful Thinking / Ciencia ilusionada
Episode 8 - The Theory of Elegance / La teoría de la elegancia
Episode 9 - Pillow Talk / Lo que se habla en la cama
Episode 10 - A Family Tradition / Una tradición familiar
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2021.12.03 01:09 Wonderful-Ad-1137 The final boss that Bimmy Rolfe will have to over come!

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2021.12.03 01:09 monochromedenim course evals mandatory?

are the course evalulations mandatory? i have a lot to do this week and have been dealing with some personal issues, so i need to know if i have prioritize the evals to finish before the deadline or not.
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2021.12.03 01:09 ZoobBot 189984

This is the 189984th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.03 01:09 LennonMcIcedTea Kevin

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2021.12.03 01:09 thatgirltag I’m having a really hard time getting older

Getting older is inevitable and I have known that for years. I used to laugh at people who feared getting older because I was like you can’t stop the inevitable from happening. Well, now I’m 22 and I already feel as though my youth is fleeting. I also feel so behind- I see people my own age off doing fantastic things, fancy jobs, the like. They also look so much older than me even though we’re the same age. I know what people are gonna say. “Don’t compare”. I know but it’s difficult. Most people think I’m 17 and I’m mortified to say my age. I look the exact same as I did at 17. I revamped my look tried to dress more put together to look older and really no luck. It doesn’t help that I’m 5 foot.
I’m just really anxious about graduating college because I feel like once you reach 22/23, people begin to see you more as an adult and to adulty things. Well, I still live at home. I never really worked because of debilitating anxiety and ocd as a teen. I still have so much anxiety driving even though I have my license. Idk it’s hard. I just feel so immature I can’t stop thinking about this
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