Drivetrain questions

2021.12.03 01:13 goesforwalks Drivetrain questions

I have a standard SRAM Rival drivetrain, 42T crank, long cage rear derailleur, 11-42 rear cassette. I have a Garbaruk 11-46 cassette I want to swap in, but I'm ignorant on a few details. Based on what I've seen online, it looks like the derailleur will have no problem with the cassette. Will I need to lengthen the chain? Or alternatively, swap in a smaller chainring?
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2021.12.03 01:13 azidthenawi Aaaaaaa that's hot. That's hot

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2021.12.03 01:13 smallnquirky Med Donation - Seattle

Priority to uninsured/underinsured, for local pick-up in North Seattle.

Gonal-F and Cetrotide have been under constant refrigeration.
This post may look like a repeat - Sorry I went dark before. I’m commuting to shipping these out in the next few days!
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2021.12.03 01:13 5599Nalyd Remember when she brought Chongyun out for pizza? Well, she had him over for Thanksgiving! (This is actually real btw)

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2021.12.03 01:13 CosmicLittleBear It’s the second bullet point for me

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2021.12.03 01:13 -jacksmack- Why is it impossible to play a game with a full 8 players?

Even in ranked. The chances of someone not leaving in the first 5 seconds or backing out after a minute is slim to none. Then no matter what you do, you lose your rank. Like who thinks “hmmm I want to play ranked halo” turns on Xbox starts halo starts ranked “Mmmm I don’t want to play anymore” leaves game and buys $10 armor coating
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2021.12.03 01:13 WikiBitPH Cardano Records Over 20 Million Transactions

Cardano Records Over 20 Million Transactions
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2021.12.03 01:13 _anand__ Jiya ho Bihar Ke Lala. #BirthAnniversary #SigmaRule

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2021.12.03 01:13 ryanhannigan7 Champ 2/3 player looking to hit GC

So for the past 3-4 seasons I’ve been a consistent champ 2 player and peaking in c3 at some point in the season. I’m not quite sure what else to do tbh. If any Grand champs that are out there would be willing to either look at a replay or play a casual game to see if I can realistically make GC this season to help me set goals.. I’d greatly appreciate it. Discord is ryanh#1022.
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2021.12.03 01:13 Loose-as-a-duce I hooked up with this trans girl I met on tinder. I just realized we had actually met 11 years ago.

Ok so I’ll hope you’ll reserve your judgments as I tell you this somewhat crazy story.
I (28 male) was home for the holidays and scrolling through tinder when this cute as fuck transgendered female popped up. I’m not like infatuated with or fetishize trans girls but I’m also not a bigot about it. If you’re cute, down to earth and interesting i don’t really care what’s down there. Anyway, we matched and started chatting. She was only 18 but we had a lot (or at least enough) in common and the cool part was she grew up in my old hometown. We agreed to meet up for a date the next night.
Date goes great and we go back to mine to engage in consensual adult activities. Afterwards we start chatting about some of the same teachers we had and what not before I drive her back home for the night.
This is where it gets weird.
When I was 17 I had been a counselor at the local day camp. My group was the 2nd graders. So the next night, on a whim, I figured I’d ask her if she knew the one or two campers whose names I remembered. So I first text her “hey do happen to know Stan S. (Fake Name), curious what he turned out to be like?” She texts back “lol he’s actually my pot dealer now.” I text her back “Wow that’s wild. What about Kyle M. (Fake name) he was such a good kid?” She responds “umm well kyles now Kylie and she’s hooking up with older guys she meets on tinder…”
So yeah that is how I ended up having sex with an 18 year old girl I once knew as a 7 year old boy. She even sent me an old pic of herself that confirmed it. Not super proud of myself but it’s funny as hell.
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2021.12.03 01:13 Kitty_fluffybutt_23 My baby is sick with a bladder stone... uhhhhhhgain. Anyone have any helpful insight besides encouraging more water consumption? She actually already drinks plenty of H2O...

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2021.12.03 01:13 dwright1542 Hydronic + Mini Splits, Ecobee vs Next plus remote monitors?

We now have some ductless splits providing auxiliary heat in rooms where there are thermostats for our hydronic radiators. This obviously throws the heat in the other rooms that are on the same loop that don't have mini splits. Since this is a very old, large house with stone, brick and plaster walls, rather than rewiring and moving the thermostat, can anyone speak to the efficacy of the Nest or Ecobee plus the remote room monitoring sensors?
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2021.12.03 01:13 TheLOZaddict I left Christianity after learning how easily massive amounts of people can be lied to and misled - I suggest this is the case for all theistic religions

Before I begin, I want to be clear about a couple quick things: I sincerely believe it is everyone's basic human right to believe in whatever religion they want - I would never support a government that dictates what its citizens are and are not allowed to believe in; I was a devoted Christian for the vast majority of my life and most of my family is Christian, I have no hate for religious folk; In no way do I believe religion equates to low intellect, naivety, or lack of critical thinking - I hope none of you consider the following post an attack on your opinion / faith.
TL;DR at the bottom.

So I am going to limit the scope of my argument from all theistic religions solely to Abrahamic religions simply because I am most familiar with them, but I do believe my arguments could relatively easily be attributed more widely. Essentially, the core of my assertation is that the only reason religion exists is due to the stories being passed on orally along with literally no evidence - something most people would quickly reject outside of their religion. Seemingly, god has not interacted directly with humans since biblical times (unless you include people who claim to hear god speak to them or alleged miracles, such as "unexplainable" medical anomalies, but certainly nothing equivalent to walking on water, turning water into wine, room temperature burning bushes, cities of people turned to salt inexplicably and suddenly, etc.).
I hope we can all agree the tens of thousands of women tortured and burned at the stake in Europe were not truly witches, but for many generations, people carried on this horrible tradition and justified it with Christianity. Nazis murdered millions of members of the Jewish faith, and that was certainly not the first time Jews were targeted in horrific acts. Similarly today, there are Muslim extremists who have killed themselves along with sometimes hundreds (and in some cases, such as the September 11th attack, thousands) of other people of varying faiths in the name of their god. With all of these and many other examples in mind, no god has ever intercepted in any manner. There is no doubt that the majority of modern Christians interpret the bible differently than Christians had one-thousand years ago, but neither then nor now has their god made a point to explain what they (or he/she, whatever you prefer) meant when they wrote the bible (either through prophets, or directly, as some people I have discussed this with propose). Finally, no Abrahamic religion had reached the Americas until immigrants from the East brought them; I personally cannot think of a good reason a god would feel it is critical to spread their word only to a very small group, surely aware it would take hundreds of years to reach the rest of the world.
Right now, if I were to make virtually any claim, especially of something unfathomable, such as an entire city of children that lived in homes that didn't have lambs blood on the front doors abruptly died overnight, or a group of pious immigrants walked through a massive body of water that temporarily separated to allow their passing, most people would expect some level of evidence. At the very least, mot people would expect the likely large groups of people involved to back up such a claim... but unfortunately for us, all of the most impactful acts of god occurred before people could take pictures, videos, record audio, or retain any level of substantial evidence for prolonged periods of time.
If this god were to exist, they seem to have very little concern for humans actually following their word. If they did, they would have certainly done one of the following:

All that being said, why would you believe in it? If you stopped believing in it tomorrow, other than perhaps family or peers perhaps reacting poorly, your life wouldn't change. As far as the bible is concerned, you are probably sinning like crazy anyways, so why not just live the life you want, and let others live their lives the way they want, without any regard to purported "sins"? The two possible outcomes, I would think, would either be: god finally returns to re-share their word since the religion(s) died or is/are dying which would likely lead to a dramatic religious boom, a good thing for religion OR religion fades away and the idea of believing in a god (at least an Abrahamic god, in this argument) becomes a distant memory and is treated the same way we treat mythologies today.

TL;DR: If the god you worship has only told a very small sect of people a few thousand years ago their origins and stressed the criticality of following god's tenets yet put no safeguards in place to assure longevity in the proper practices, how can anyone suggest such a god cares about you, let alone loves you? Your perception of god is different than many other people's, even those of the same religion. I'm not suggesting god needs to give us all of the answers, but no one can be confident they are living moral lives in the eyes of god if the doctrine is not crystal clear.
So what's the difference between just ignoring the religion altogether & living life however you want versus people who simply never heard of Christianity? You only hold the principles you hold due to your influences. If you lived in a different place, were taught your religion by different people, and perhaps were born in a different era, you would surely life your life differently... but that certainly doesn't mean you'd be a bad person.
What's more likely: all of the amazing acts of god, miracles, prophets, and stories are true OR people with mental illnesses made incredible claims before psychology was invented and others made up stories to suggest answers to the unknown, before anyone could prove them wrong? I believe it is the latter, but any evidence to the contrary would be enough to convince me otherwise.

Sincerely looking forward to any legitimate counters to this inquest. I hope at the very least, I've brought up some interesting points :)
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2021.12.03 01:13 JustAn_Entertainer What's something that isn't illegal to have, but all means of obtaining it are illegal?

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2021.12.03 01:13 rickyfittsplasticbag Definition of insanity.

I keep doing it to myself. Convincing myself there's more. That I'm worthy. I deserve it. But I'm not and I don't. There are two simple facts, two things I know to be true and no one can change my mind. I am worthless, and I am incapable of being loved. No one can care about me. Or like me. Or love me. I have to learn to accept this and only then will I be free. I'm not kidding myself anymore. And no one is going to lie to me or fool me again with empty words that they don't mean. With shallow pity and false promises. I'm exhausted being myself. I want it to stop. That's my final wish.
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2021.12.03 01:13 JokerFromPersona5 Why can’t I do this focus? I should still be able to do it…

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2021.12.03 01:13 nomads_lore Property Scam on Dubizzle

A friend was scammed yesterday, they were trying to get an apartment and saw a Dubizzle advert, only to want to book and they were sent an airbnb link to the apartment, long form link like what was used in the Emirates Post scam that was mentioned on this thread. She spent time chatting with an agent on the realistic looking AirBNB website for her booking, making a supposed payment for 6k AED and revealing her OTP for what she assumed was a good deal and booking, only to see her account hit twice for 20k AED by a crypto processor in the UK. On realizing it was a scam she called the bank to block the card and tried to approach the crypto processor that authorized the transaction. They claim they have blacklisted the user but have already paid out crypto to them and cannot do anything about the fraud since she authorised via 3DS OTP as per card issuer rules. I find this odd. Why would a UK regulated company issue instant crypto conversions with no waiting period for scammers regardless of 3DS, despite this being a serious fraud risk, shouldn't there be a legal hold period for these transactions? Is there any chance my friend can get her money back/reversed since the payment was by credit card (which should typically have a 3 day hold), she's really distraught and feels bad for being stupid but was really taken in.
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2021.12.03 01:13 FlamingTaco967 Am I balding at 16? I can’t think of any other reason as to why my hair has changed in texture so much over the past few months it’s become dry,frizzy,thin and it feels crunchy ,and I’ve also lost a lot of density. But anyway what do you guys think and is there anything I can do about it? Thanks.

Am I balding at 16? I can’t think of any other reason as to why my hair has changed in texture so much over the past few months it’s become dry,frizzy,thin and it feels crunchy ,and I’ve also lost a lot of density. But anyway what do you guys think and is there anything I can do about it? Thanks. submitted by FlamingTaco967 to malehairadvice [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 01:13 josephhxa ijkdx

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2021.12.03 01:13 SelfHelpLlama 26M | Profile Review | Llama Science Man | Bonus Statistics

26M | Profile Review | Llama Science Man | Bonus Statistics
P.S. Aware my profile is somewhat work/school oriented, but that is the people I want to attract.

Statistics on Whom this Profile Attracts:
Don't let this info bias your review.
  • Lives near a large city.
  • Looking For: Not sure! See profile prompt. I prefer something long-term, but I also like fun friendships.
  • Matches: 105 Days: 37 Maches-Per-Day: 2.83 (excluding people who unmatched)
  • Dates: Been on 7 dates between October 28th and December 2nd.
    • (1) Part-time Phd Student & Full-time Worker with MS, (2) Med Student, (3) Med Student, (4) Full-time Worker with Bachelor's, (5) PhD Student, (6) Undergraduate Student Senior, (7) MS Student
    • All dates were successful in-a-sense.
  • Profile: Has not really changed over the past month. I sometimes flip the last picture to one of my graduation.
  • Other Notes: Hinge only seems to show me higher educated people now. I have a lot of preferences set – e.g. I prefer girls slightly taller than me. I have a lot of texts where we respond to each other like once a day - this normal? I usually stick mostly to setting up a date when texting.
  • I actually have some additional stats. If enough people want them I can post.
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2021.12.03 01:13 bruhcantthinkofone PSAT Indicies

Anyone know why math is weighted half as much as ebrw? Seems just unfair for those who are weaker in English to me >:(
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2021.12.03 01:13 Master-Head-1545 Why is my scalp white?

Is it normal to have a very pale scalp, because my scalp is white. And when I say white I mean it’s as white as a kpop idol. I’ve seen people shave their head before but when they do it their scalp seems to be the same color as the rest of their head. Maybe it’s just because my hair has been blocking the sun but you would think the more exposed parts might be a little less pale. I can tell my bangs don’t do anything like that because the color of my skin under my bangs is the same color as the rest of my face, but as soon as where the scalpel area starts it just gets very white. No other parts of my body look like this. My hair also falls out easily but I think that is a story for another day.
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2021.12.03 01:13 WeekIntelligent3029 Why do Californians who move to Texas because of their failed politicians vote for same damn party in Texas? Especially in Austin.

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2021.12.03 01:13 cactusbishh Drawing inspired by *extremely vivid* DPH hallucination

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2021.12.03 01:13 Nicktay6 Might be the worst bio I’ve ever seen

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