Wheelhouse Maintenance

2021.10.18 22:49 rowdyroddysniper Wheelhouse Maintenance

Hey all. Starting to get the itch for sure. About a year and a half ago my wife and I purchased her dads shack after he passed away. It’s a 2005 distinct builders team lodge 14’. I didn’t get the chance to use it last season with a new kid, but I just got it out of storage to get ready for the upcoming season.
What maintenance needs to be done on an annual basis? This is my first shack, so looking for some advice.
Anybody have any experience with this brand? Seems like a smaller company so I can find much online.
Thanks I’m advance!
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2021.10.18 22:49 LiquifiedSpam Drawing badly every day until Trails from Zero comes out #54

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2021.10.18 22:49 aijazwins Adorable Katrina Kaif

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2021.10.18 22:49 RevolutionaryIdeal45 https://t.me/joinchat/clkKgfgq4LU3NDI8

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2021.10.18 22:49 Krusty901 Mel Brooks Series?

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2021.10.18 22:49 beifongkorra season 8 + favorite mentorships

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2021.10.18 22:49 myrobotoverlord Diver pulls 900-year-old Crusader sword from seafloor

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2021.10.18 22:49 hurleyburleysdone Anyone else seen the latest Banksy?

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2021.10.18 22:49 A-Cheeseburger Can’t remember the name of this big group bike ride

It happens once a month in Seattle on fridays if I remember correctly. Please help
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2021.10.18 22:49 Ian_Goldenhaven I think I am. Ready for TH 13, what do you think??? :DDD

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2021.10.18 22:49 sassenPcvbfg3456 🚀Square Finance driving the world of NFT

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MySquare app is not dependent on any central payment system. All payments a made peer-to-peer among members using SQF, BTC, ETH and many other coins.
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Our platform is secured with in-built military grade firewall, integrated on our secure chains which doesn't not allow any form of penetration by hackers.
Our Database is stored on the blockchain. It will take shutting down the internet to shut us down. We also run recurring security checks on our database.
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2021.10.18 22:49 ottovonswerg Queen's Gambit Accepted: Queen's Gambit Declined: Queen's Gambit

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2021.10.18 22:49 nottherealeltonjohn Something wrong with my snakes eye? Is this white crescent in the back of his eye normal?

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2021.10.18 22:49 Due-Hunter9566 🐉Welcome to Draconite Token🐉

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2021.10.18 22:49 SVK_Octane Would pillagers be able to spawn on here? (It used to be a pillager Outpost)

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2021.10.18 22:49 Digideegs Felt this was undervalued so I had to grab. Will probably crack and just pretend it's a 10.

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2021.10.18 22:49 Only_a_Taunt P1300 Code Help

I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on this. I'm currently fighting a P1300 code on my 99 3.4.
I was driving on the highway and the truck threw a code and then shut off not too long after and has not started since. I've been following the FSM and checking values (ECM seems to measure fine) and also put a new igniter in. The last thing I did was a full ac replacement and radiator replacement and I dont expect those to be related. I also recently did a big 3 upgrade and have had a mystery battery light on for my whole 2 year ownership.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.18 22:49 BillyK05 Working for Target vs Working for Publix? Which is better?

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2021.10.18 22:49 pvcpipes Onions, carrots, and jalapeños with garlic and whole black pepper.

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2021.10.18 22:49 Super_Milkbox I don't feel like I am training hard enough in the gym.

I've been hitting the gym for a while now, although I only started weight training last month in September. I've really enjoyed my time lifting weights, and I've noticed a lot of progress in regards to myself lifting weights. I've recorded my progress.
I start lifting something light, not counting reps just to get warmed up. I aim for around 10 reps, before pushing to failure. On occasion, I'll lift a heavier weight to see if I can lift it (only low reps) to see improvement. (around 5 lbs, or lowest setting, aiming for around 5 reps)
Although I train well, or so I think, and I have reasonably good rests (1:3 rule) So I train and lift for 1 minute, and rest for 3. I don't think I have trained hard enough the day after, or as soon as I leave the gym. I feel great after my workout, and happy with my progress, but I don't feel tired. I don't ache. And that makes me feel I am not pushing hard enough, even though when pushing to failure I cannot edge out those last reps on what I think is the heaviest I can safely lift. I obviously want to be mindful of injury. I know newbie gains are common, and I know muscle is slow to gain.
I'm 5'6, 134/136 lbs, and I need to consume around 200-2100 calories to maintain my weight on top of my daily cardio - mostly walking. I do want to consume around 1800/1900 calories, to get leaner, maybe. I eat around 140+ grams of carbs and protein a day, taking many recipes and inspiration from Greg Doucette and similar fitness YouTubers.
This is a breakdown of the exercises I have recorded. I've recently moved from my gym's machines to free weights, and am taking the time to get proper form before moving onto other free weight exercises.

I cannot do anything with my legs regarding. My legs are totally can't handle it (outside conditions). So, I focus only on upper body.

Rear dealt/pec fly
Pec fly (115 lbs)
Rear dealt (90 lbs)
Diverging lay pull down
(125 lbs)
Converging Chest Press
(90 lbs)
Abdominal Crunch
(75 lbs)
Converging Shoulder Press
(80 lbs)

Free Weights

Bicep curl (sitting)
10 KG (22 lbs - right) 7.5 KG (16 lbs left)
Standing barbell curl
50 lbs
Incline dumbbell bench press
12.5 KG (27 lbs)
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2021.10.18 22:49 kerray Czech president too ill to work, politicians discuss relieving him of duties - Senate speaker Milos Vystrcil said Zeman's hospital had informed him it was unlikely the country's president could return to work in the coming weeks - when his duties will include appointing a new government.

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2021.10.18 22:49 MatthiasFoxFire Bigotry should be illegal and repeat offenders should face jail time

I’m sick and tired of bigotry in America. I see it so much- virtually every day- that I’m surprised I haven’t become desensitized to it. People need to be held accountable for what they say in public. With smartphones, incidents haven’t decreased- they’re just documented better. Being discriminatory isn’t a good thing, but bigots don’t understand that because there are hardly any negative consequences for them after they spew hatred from their mouths.
Some of you will argue “free speech” but you need to understand that that doesn’t mean “freedom of speech without consequences”.
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2021.10.18 22:49 Lower_Fox4593 Reactive husky!!! Help pls

I have two Siberian huskies, both same age (5). The girl is a perfect angel. This post isn’t about her. The boy is quite an angel too, but only indoors in our apartment/on the balcony. We can even leave them alone and they’re perfectly fine. Taking him on walks every day is such a struggle.
We recently moved to Pasadena and this is our one and only problem that has been extremely stressful every day. When taking our dogs on a walk, we hope and pray another dog doesn’t come by. Living in a city now, dogs are everywhere. It can be any size dog, our male husky will lunge, pull, scream and cry at the very top of his lungs. It’s so embarrassing but they need to be walked. He is just SO loud and can not handle seeing or passing another dog.
Today we are feeling defeated. We tried to take him to a self service dog wash and walking there wasn’t too bad. Being on the busy street, there were just too many dogs (and people) at once passing by. He screamed so SO loud and could not calm down. Causing a whole scene and all eyes on us on that busy street. We ended up just walking back home with our heads down.
Does anyone have any advice on how we can fix this? We’ve watched countless videos and have tried to be consistent with training him to no avail. Is there no hope?
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2021.10.18 22:49 Bigbusa_05 727 Mega RC and Team Red Beard 2nd meet up for some No Prep Drag racing

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