Humans are Weird - Anxiety Attack - Audio Narration and Animatic

2021.10.18 23:09 Betty-Adams Humans are Weird - Anxiety Attack - Audio Narration and Animatic

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2021.10.18 23:09 GB6041 3 month progress - base 50s :)

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2021.10.18 23:09 ZoobBot 180591

This is the 180591st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.18 23:09 Valiceemo Scared of my own wind

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2021.10.18 23:09 LouPadre525 Mail day!!!! Shoutout to u/4-6forceout for the trade for the Acuna SP!

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2021.10.18 23:09 vapebleach4lyfe Worth 5k? Says everything original

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2021.10.18 23:09 ColdHooves I’ve always wanted to paint one of these. Finally got the chance.

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2021.10.18 23:09 Kinesra93 I want to share my happy story with trotskyism

Im french and Im very interested by politics since Im young but Ive alway been reluctant to join a political organization because Im rather shy
Im in the university of Panthéon-Sorbonne in France and some days ago decided to meet members of a revolutionnary organization. So I took a coffee with two activists from "Le Poing Levé", the young organization of "Révolution Permanente", a french trotskyist party who seceded from the "NPA" (new anticapitalist party, created from the LCR, the "communist revolutionnary league") because they considered they were marginalized despite being the second most powerful faction and disagreed with rightist methods of the party (joining coalitions with socdem parties, not trying to meet workers etc).
Do you follow ?
So, I met those activists last tuesday and was very happy of their will to debate, their kindness, etc. They proposed me to help them to get sponsorship (in France, people need to get 500 endorsement by mayors/deputies/senators to be candidate for a presidential election, and so activists have to travel through countryside to meet mayors) for their presidential candidate, Anasse Kazib (the goal is not to have him elected, but having him on the same tv-studio than bourgeois politicians to carry a proletarian voice). So the following day I was 10 hours browsing in the french countryside with 2 activists (1 of those with which I spoke the day before and another militant). It was a very interesting day : first of all they gave me the transitional programm because I hadn't read it, and we discussed a lot about politics, trotskyism, their work with striking workers etc, it was also very interesting to debate with mayors who are not communist at all, it give a huge experience of debate, argumentation etc. It was one week ago and I only want one thing : to help them again.
Our candidate is Anasse Kazib, it is a railway worker who grew in a poor suburb and is grandson of morrocan immigrants, if we manage to have him as official candidate it would be a wonderful opportunity to share our ideals
Before that, I was rather luxemburgist/libertarian socialist but now Im definitly a trotskyist (though I still also consider me as a luxemburgist) ! Im currently reading the transitional programm and want to read more from comrade Trotsky
Prolétaires de tous les pays, unissez-vous !
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2021.10.18 23:09 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-gandhi-38

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2021.10.18 23:09 ReadyNotice References were contacted last Thursday and still nothing. Is this typical?

I interviewed for my dream position Friday, October 8th. They requested my references shortly after the interview which I thought went pretty well. 2 of my 3 references told me last Thursday (October 14th) that they spoke with the hiring manager. They told me the questions they were asked and how they responded- sounds like they gave me glowing recommendations. The manager even told one of my references that she thought I would be a great fit. I thought I got a lot of great feedback during the interview.
I still have not heard back regarding an offer. In my previous experience, I always get the job offer within 1-2 days of the reference check and to my knowledge, references only for the top pick were contacted.
Is there still hope that I got the position? Or am I likely the second (or third) pick?
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2021.10.18 23:09 Kiki_corner What does it mean, when he can’t answer what he likes about my body.

When I asked my partner what he liked about my body. He couldn’t give me an answer and said why do I ask such difficult questions.
I even gave him what I liked about his body which was his eyes, butt and calves. He still couldn’t answer.
I left it at that but man oh man that definitely took a hit on my self-esteem.
So is it a difficult question to answer?
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2021.10.18 23:09 IDK-WHAT-TO- I tried to draw Jack 🥲🤌

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2021.10.18 23:09 Playuptrio How many times did the DMC gang cry?

It's something I've been thinking for awhile since I love when titles are somehow integrated in the story, and though it'd make for an interesting topic! From what I've counted so far: Dante: 5 (DMC1 Prequel Novel: 2 times, DMC3: 1 time, DMC1: 2 times) Vergil: 1 (Visions of V) Trish: 1 (DMC1) Lucia: 1 (DMC2) Lady: 1 (she's no devil, but her scene felt too powerful not to count, and she's also an important member of the team) DMC3 Lucia: 1 (DMC2) Nero: 1 (DMC4)
Feel free to add or correct! I still have to read the DMC2 and 4 Novel, and have to check the 3 manga, so I might update it.
There are a few more scenes in theory, but I have only counted repeated scenes as 1 (ex.: Dante crying over Eva's body, as it's something he often dreams about but only happened once), avoided adding scenes that didn't really happen in reality (ex.:>! V imagining Eva saving his kid's self !!since that was just wishful wishing and is in a sense a repeated scene since it basically replace the original event in which he cried,!Vergil's count goes to 2) and the Canadian Comics as I wasn't sure of it's canonicity (if you want to count it then Dante's count goes to 6).
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2021.10.18 23:09 totallytonyasvlogs Past Big Brother Houseguest Totals Car in Accident Find out the Whole Story Here

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2021.10.18 23:09 prodigiouspianist Lmao every time is a different excuse

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2021.10.18 23:09 nastar Giving away Marriott Bonvoy Free Night Award Certificates to my brother

I have 2 Marriott Bonvoy Free Night Award Certificates (MAR BV AX FNA up to 35k points.) that will expire in 01/03/2022.
Can my brother use the certificate for their honeymoon before it expire?
What's the process for him to use the certificate? Make a book and add his name as second guest?
If not, what is the chance for asking Marriott to extend the certificate expiration?
Thank you.
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2021.10.18 23:09 ghostntheshell Mac Mini M1 + PC Setup

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2021.10.18 23:09 Geologybear Having some success with these wolves but I feel it could be better.

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2021.10.18 23:09 mowertier [Positive] for u/LiveFreeorDie20 (seller)

Great experience buying from u/LiveFreeorDie20 . Great communication, discreet packaging, and fast shipping. Would deal with again.
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2021.10.18 23:09 AffectionateCourt764 Location of sketch snapping distance

Location of sketch snapping distance Hi all , is there a way to increase the distance of snapping to the center points or intersections when sketching?
this what i mean(the red dot)
i would like to snap earlier than currently configured
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2021.10.18 23:09 lilriceburger Cheap tablet option for college student?

Hi everybody! I realized this semester that I really loved being able to go on my powerpoint slides during lectures and write directly on them. It seemed to work the best for me. I borrowed my roommates iPad to do this and loved it, but was wondering if there were any cheaper options? I just need something that will allow me to get on Microsoft Powerpoint or possibly a PDF editor (I think I can convert the slides to PDF) and write directly on them with a stylus. Any input is welcome :)
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2021.10.18 23:09 HooglandReddit Daily Unite YouTube videos with Pokemon + Item + Team + Game Play Breakdowns

Howdy All,
My name is Jeff Hoogland and I'm a full time content creator on Twitch / YouTube. While Unite isn't the main game I make content for, I've been playing it a ton since it released with 1200~ matches played in the last few months. As a passion / side project from the card game content I primarily work on - I've created a new YouTube channel that showcases different Pokemon being played every day.
I talk about what items I am using & why, break down the team composition used in the video and why we arrived at that team composition, and then show a couple of matches that I feel highlight Pokemon / Team I talked about at the beginning.
While Pokemon Unite is my first MOBA, I have a strong background in games. Competing as a professional Magic the Gathering player for many years as well as having a couple of degrees in mathematics where I studied game theory while in school. I'd rate my own micro game play about average, but I feel I have a pretty good macro understanding of the game and the various teams I showcase game play with end up coordinating well together because ofit. I tend to have good awareness of what is going on via the mini map and calling out to my team as we should be moving to different places.
At any rate - I'd love it if you'd check out my video from today where my group tested out a "split jungle" rotation in our five stack, where I start as Sylveon jungling for the first two rotations and then we move Venusaur from lane into doing the remaining jungle rotations because it scales a bit better than Sylveon at the end game.
Split Jungle Sylveon Highlight
If you enjoy it there are a dozen highlights up on the channel with a new one coming every morning. Looking forward to testing out our new Squirrel friend tomorrow night!
If you made it this far into this post, thanks for reading and may your solo queue opponent rotate to Drednaw with you!
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2021.10.18 23:09 boi_was_taken is the network test only in europe?

the website says European players will need to register on for a chance to participate to the Closed Network Test.
Im in north america
also who do i give my liver to to test the game?
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2021.10.18 23:09 PriYankee Cowboys gang representing on this beautiful Victory Monday!😎💙🔥

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2021.10.18 23:09 droekturn Will SolarEdge Monitoring backfill?

Question for everyone. I didn't check my SolarEdge for about a week and then had to go away for a week. While away I noticed it had stopped monitoring. When I got home I unplugged and replugged into the monitoring box that connects to the router and it populated in the last week's worth of data. Will the other week pop up at some point, or is that data just gone?
It seems like about every 6 months I need to unplug and replug it in because it disconnects from then network.
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