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2021.10.18 21:40 bbrren Comment on YouTube - Very Apt

I am truly shocked at the compliance of North Americans to accept a forced vaccination and have to carry a passport that returns your basic "rights". This is not a shot at the vaccinated, as most people I know are vaccinated and it is their choice to do so. This is about a right to choose. Personally I will not get vaccinated until the mandate has been removed and freedom of choice has been returned to us. I will take everything that comes with that: home imprisonment, wearing a mask, inability to travel, job discrimination, and not being able to attend another public event. Those things are not as important to me as the freedom to choose a medical procedure to be performed on my body. My birthplace is the former Soviet Union. I know propaganda when I see it and I will not comply with it. We did not move to a free country, suffer immigration, become displaced from our culture and family, and get treated like third rate immigrants just to face another authoritarian regime. My whole life people have asked me what Soviet Russia was like with terror and morbid curiosity in their eyes. I will tell you what it was like. 1. The government made your choices for you: from what you could watch, read and say. All foreign media was blocked and every book was carefully inspected by the government. Yet here we are in 2021 unable to express an opinion about an "emergency pandemic" and a "life saving vaccine" without scrutiny. North American media is showing you numbers of new cases, but censoring news about global protests around the world. People are being blocked and demonitized on Youtube and other platforms for using the word "Covid". As a "free citizen" in a democratic country, you are less and less able to read a thought that contradicts the government agenda, even if you want to. 2. There was a divide between those who supported the communist party and those who did not. Those who supported the government and played by the rules got special perks and privileges. This is exactly how China functions now. Companies/businesses/people who support the CPC (Communist Party of China) are rewarded for their compliance with shady communist standards and those who do not are ostracized from society, shamed and dismissed. Do you see a connection yet? 3. Tattling/ratting was highly encouraged since the Stalinist era. People reported others for saying bad things about the government, having a messy yard and hanging their laundry line too high (yes there was a government standard for how high you could hang your laundry line). As a reward those who tattled would get certain perks, and of course personal satisfaction and a righteous feeling of power for selling out your "comrade", your friend, your child's teacher, a coworker etc. Perhaps you knew that you were next on the list for a bigger government apartment, so what better way to get there faster than to throw someone else under the bus? Yet here we are in 2021 where the neighbours call the police because you had too many friends and family over during lockdown. Worse yet, the police will show up and tell you to leave your own private property for non-compliance and fine you. Is this really about Covid or did your neighbours hate you all along for making too much noise? 4. We weren't allowed to travel outside of the country. Correct. You were only allowed to travel within the confining walls of the glorious Soviet Union which of course was known for it's tropical weather and gourmet food. Unless you had special privileges in which case you were allowed to go to East Germany or Poland. Of course those who got to travel aroused a special kind of jealousy from those who were trapped and of course were watched more carefully. This was the 80s so there was no tracking code or vaccine passport, but your neighbours were happy to do it for you. 6. Store shelves were empty and there was never any toilet paper. If there was a new item in the store (especially from abroad) people stock piled instead of sharing, which brought about rations. For example you could only buy 2 chocolate bars per person. I still remember ladies who would ask me to stand next to them in line and pretend to be their kid so they could get an extra chocolate bar. 7. There was a housing crisis, and the government handled it by owning all property and assigning you around 30 feet of space per person. This meant of course that you could not live alone. People shared living accommodations with parents and stayed in abusive relationships because they had no hope of getting another place. If you did not have anyone to live with, the government assigned you a roommate. Yet here we are in 2021, with people not being able to afford a one bedroom apartment on a single income and having to share homes with strangers. Young people have zero opportunity to ever own a home, so community housing is where this seems to be heading. 8. Fear. People lived in fear of saying something wrong because they would be reported, detained, fired, evicted. The police could stop you at any time to check your papers and to search you to see if you are a "threat" to the other citizens. Yet in 2021 you must produce your personal cell phone with a bar code so they can account for your vaccination status to make sure you are not threat to the other citizens: a diseased home prisoner who does not care about the wellness of children and the vulnerable elderly. So I ask you, do you think we wanted to live like this? Did a politician sell us this lifestyle? Or did this happen through a carefully crafted agenda and eventually got that way? Is this REALLY about a virus that has a 99% survival rate? If so, how did it turn into this? I urge both vaccinated and unvaccinated people to stand against the vaccine mandate. This isn't right. If you live in a free country you are free to choose what is done to your body. Don't let your fears turn you into slave. EDIT * Look up this video: Australian Police Question Man Over Facebook Post*** posted on Oct 15, 2021. Police show up to a guy's house demanding to know if he'd been at a protest 6 months ago, because he posted a picture on Facebook. Telling people sunbathing is not an "essential reason to be outside". How can a virus that is 99.9% survivable bring about such a demand for obedience in less than 2 years? What kind of a dystopian nightmare are we living in?
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2021.10.18 21:40 jking220 Cyber strike structure decks

Has anyone seen the new cyber strike structure deck’s at retail stores? I’d like to support my local game store but they’re upcharging and selling the deck for $20 a box?
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2021.10.18 21:40 AmericanKnives People seem to really like the expensive knives! Here’s a $1700 randy doucette!

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2021.10.18 21:40 Subject-Ratio-5414 Trying to get answers

On July 2 of this year my middle son was shot and killed. The local authorities made two arrest with one suspect being out on bond presently and the other is still awaiting trial. He ran in a circle that we’d always wish he didn’t so his oldest brother and I always flew below the radar while always being able to see and hear a lot of activity in that circle. We as a family know that there were several folks involved and even though the authorities claim the case is a closed book as far as suspects we know differently. The young lady that he was involved with had access to all of his social media platform passwords and constantly changed and deleted messages and post that he’d made over the last year. With that being said we were able to trade control of the account and it is now secure from everyone except his family. We know that some key messages that could possibly bring to light what happened, exactly on that dreaded morning. My question would be is it possible to recover messages on his messenger account that were deleted from the time of his death until we gained control of his account. We r past the point of any of that information being admissible is court but I’d be able to have peace knowing who was responsible or possibly helped cover the tracks of others that were involved. This may not be possible and I’d be ok with that but if it is possible how would I go about getting this information or where could I find someone that’s capable of getting it for me. I’d like to thank anyone in advanced for advice or guidance.
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2021.10.18 21:40 Pyr0Bill Lack of herb

I’ve had a lack of herbs for the hole game so far. Just wondering what they are used for and how do you get them? Doesn’t seem to have affected anything so far
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2021.10.18 21:40 Titan-Hodu A question about how to connect the camera and the display by wire.

I'd like to connect the fpxeer camera and the display directly by wire for ultra-low latency, is there a way?
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2021.10.18 21:40 KaspArno I paid for the game, and so have to pay more to play more, while others play for free

So I bought FFXIV a long time ago to try out the free month. Don't think I got much higher than to level 20 or something, but I don't have a lot of time for gaming, so I couldn't justify the monthly cost. Then this weekend a friend of mine told me that the whole of "A Realm Reborn" now is free up to level 60. I got exited to try it out again, only to learn that I couldn't use this offer since I already payed for the game. It feels shitty that since I have already bought the game, I have to pay more to keep playing while others can play it for free. And yes, I know I can create a new account, but as I don't have so much time to play, I really don't want to use it to redo all I have done. I know this sub probably heard this complaints before, and in that case I am sorry to be one more. I just needed to vent a little
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2021.10.18 21:40 help_meoutbois Considering Taking PED's

To keep it short and sweet I am considering taking PED's (performance enhancing drugs) to achieve my dream physique among other reasons. I have been training for about four years now and have made some progress, but it's going slower than I had hoped. I want to look like Zyzz as he is my dream body and my favorite fitness role model. However, I know that to get to that type of body I'd have to have good genetics and spend around a decade working at it. I'd like to look good asap so I can be attractive to women and confident. I am also considering becoming a personal trainer and I feel that i'd be a lot more competitive if I cycled and looked bigger and more muscular. I mean who would you trust, a slightly built but more so skinny guy who learned about technique, but doesn't look like he lifts, or a bodybuilder type guy who looks like he lifts.
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2021.10.18 21:40 -Eqa- Vaush could have done a better job at expressing his argument in defence of Hasan

A slight nuance I've noticed in the V vs A debate was that Vaush brought up the utilitarian calculation to weigh the costs and benefits of CONDEMNING HASAN'S actions, as well as to weigh the costs and benefits of HASAN'S ACTIONS themselves.
This distinction explains why Vaush brought up the right: any type of condemnation of socialists gives points to the right and takes points away from the socialists making the socialist project less likely to succeed. Therefore, Vaush believes, the left should use condemnation in their own ranks as cautiously/strategically/little as possible and refrain from it when the to-be-condemned actions aren't too horrible/optically damning, which, he argues, is Hasan's case. In the grand scheme of things, Hasan's actions will not hurt the socialist movement.
I don't think many people understood the argument at all, as witnessed by all the talk of guilt by associacion fallacy. Furthermore, the correct response in opposition to this argument would explain why it is beneficial to the socialist movement to condemn Hasan's actions, which nobody seems to try to do. This is the whole point of Vaush's utilitarian ethics and decision making, but nobody on the opposing side (at least from what I have seen) engages with it. You could chalk it all up to bad faith/strawmanning/lack of charitability, but there were plenty of points on the debate where the opposition seemed to properly pick up on and respond to them. There has to be and must have been a better way to convey this argument.
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2021.10.18 21:40 Colonelilbrink What is the worst line in the game?

In your own opinin, what is the worst line in the game right now, that needs wither a buff or just plain deletion?!
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2021.10.18 21:40 OshiroHonzo Underworld update

Well, time for me to call it quits. The cheapest option is 3000 squad tokens for 300 pieces (1 piece = 10 tokens). The price is insane. It used to be 1400 squad tokens for 1k pieces (1 piece = 1.4 tokens). The price went up by a full 7 times. The only quest worth while was the one of buying 1k pieces to get 3k (Added 1k from the other quest of buying pieces) tokens. Now it ain't even worth it. The other quests are worth crap since if you don't increase the squads you have your bound to get stuck sooner than later. I only have 6 so I'm doomed to fail which is why I'm sticking low. Now I can't even afford the prices of promoting my squad.
The updated underworld promotion shop has doomed me. At least reward tokens from staying there. Killing 1 normal monster should give 5~10 tokens if your just going to inflate the price like that.
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Does anyone have any finished pictures of someone who used this frame?
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KWA LM4 w MK18 rail Maple leaf evo ii hop unit guarder bucking and stainless inner barrel. Comes with 1 stanag and 2 Co2 P-Mags. Gun runs awesome. No jams or double feeds and bolt locks back consistantly. (Optic not included) -$385 Shippedshooting vid
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